“Once whole, unblemished, the bread now in parts
Fragrant core exposed, like an open heart
The world bears witness, vulnerability clear
A testament, profound, as human truth nears”

Honest Hands, Crusty Bread

Honest hands hold crusty bread tight,
Skin to skin,
Touch to touch,
Humanity’s shared light,
A bond transcending time and space,
A woven thread of pure human grace.
Fingertips explore,
Dig into the loaf’s tender soul,
Unity and warmth,
Sensations that console,
Shared heartbeats echo those before,
Love and loss, triumph’s open door.
Sights and sounds,
Fragrances swell,
Awakening the soul,
A powerful spell;
In breaking bread, we touch what’s real,
Together, united, a connection to feel.
Once whole, unblemished, 
Now bread in parts,
Fragrant core exposed, 
Like an open heart.
The world bears witness, 
Vulnerability is clear,
A testament, profound, 
as human truth nears.
Each crumble tells a story, 
That’s raw and alive,
Of emotion, strength, the love that drives.
Through breaking bread, our essence unveiled,
Through human connection, where words often fail.
Nourishing bodies, yet souls we embrace,
Threads of experience weave into place,
A cover of hope, love, and strength we create,
To carry us through the darkest of times, unafraid.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Breaking Bread

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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