Memory loss is a silent thief, stealthily taking what you may never even realize you had. But it also leaves behind a profound awareness, an appreciation for the memories that remain. Each one stands as a unique marker on life’s path, not held tightly but observed with a knowing that it could so easily slip away… at any moment.

Breath and the Dance of Forgotten Words

Words lost, 
words found,
a dance,
a sound,
piecing together memories, 
shadows and light,
a confusion, a pain, 
a relentless flight.
What am I trying to remember?
A life? 
A self? 
A dismembered ember?
Why I am, or am I? 
A question, a glance…
Is this life’s romance?
Pen in hand…
playing with words…
a melody, 
a rhythm, 
the song of the birds,
a fleeting moment, 
a touch, 
a caress,
an impermanence felt, 
a loss, 
a press.
A confusion swirling, 
a maze, 
a haze,
a loss embraced, 
a discovery’s craze;
In the chaos, a stillness, 
a knowing, 
a sight,
a deeper sense, 
a soul’s pure light.
My life, 
my words, 
a delicate trace;
a mirror’s reflection, 
a moment’s grace,
a breath… 
here it is, 
my breath, 
my being,
a universal dance, 
a cosmic seeing.
Words lost, 
then found, 
again and again,
A circle, 
a cycle, 
a never-ending zen,
in the shadow of change, 
a constant flow,
a connection, 
a rediscovery, 
a continuous grow.
A smell, 
a taste, 
an emotion so raw,
a universal pull, 
a profound law,
in the dance of words, 
in life’s intricate web,
a deeper connection, 
a pulse, 
an ebb.
Playing with the words… 
Feeling their rhythm…
Hearing their sound…
Seeing their wisdom…
In the impermanence of life, 
in breath’s soft dance,
a love, 
a loss, 
a continual trance.
Words lost, 
words found, 
a journey, 
a way,
a discovery of self, 
a night, 
a day,
a universal song, 
a heartbeat, 
a call,
in the dance of forgotten words, 
I find it all.

(2007 © Julia Delaney)

Breath and the Dance

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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