When the war in Ukraine started, shattering the streets where I once played and grew, an indescribable surge of emotions overwhelmed me. The very ground that nurtured my childhood memories was being torn apart by Russian bombs, igniting within me an intense, fiery rage against injustice and destruction. Amidst this fury, an equally powerful force emerged—Love. A deep, encompassing love.

These emotions, rage and love, coexisted within me, each as real and raw as the other. In this crucible of conflict, they didn’t cancel each other out but instead formed a complex amalgamation of my human experience, revealing the strength found in our capacity to feel, to care, and to continue despite the chaos.

And so I wrote. I poured it out, so I could take a deep breath and move on with my day.

The Dual Pulse

Rage –
a torrent unleashed,
fists clenched, teeth gritted;
Words—sharpened knives, flung with precision,
each sentence a lash, a mark, a division.
Red visions of injustice, betrayal,
burning through decorum’s frail veil.

Fury’s ink – it stains, it spills
over margins, it roars, it kills.
No gentle touch, no tender grace,
just raw, unfiltered, scorched embrace.
Betrayed promises, shattered trust,
on this paper, my anger is just.

Thunder in my veins, lightning in my gaze,
this pen, my conduit, through the haze.
A scream in the silence, wild, untamed,
Rage in my blood, my fuel, my flame.

Yet, in the tempest’s heart, a shift begins,
As ink bleeds out, transformation wins.
From the depths of fury, a warmth does bloom,
Love’s gentle touch dispelling gloom.

it flows…
with a radiant warmth from my chest,
dissolving woes…
In its embrace, I find a moment of long-needed rest…
My shoulders soften, the ache gently fades…
In Love’s tender cradle, my spirit wades.

Deep, comfortable sighs escape, unbidden, a release so profound;
Heightened senses awaken, in Love’s presence I’m unbound.
Colors brighten, sounds sharpen, the world feels anew,
a testament to Love’s power to renew.

Pain, once a sharp sting, now soothes a bit
under Love’s gentle reign
each breath is deeper, each moment a step
away from pain.

It lifts the corners of my mouth, ever so slight,
and in the depth of my being, it ignites a subtle light.
Sweet memories, tenderly laid in a play,
in Love’s melody, my fears allayed.

A fusion, seamless, in the quiet,
a chord of harmony, softly defiant.
In moments—a fusion, a chord struck so fine,
a resonance of love in heart and in line.

In this silence, Rage and Love sit side by side,
each a part of me, in the open, nothing to hide.
No longer at war, but in acceptance, they blend,
marking not an end, but a place to mend.

Rage fuels my fire, Love soothes my soul,
they’re both my reflections; they’re part of me whole.
In their embrace, I’ve found a rare kind of peace,
a raw truth within, where all conflicts cease.

Here I am, standing strong in their midst,
embracing each emotion, every twist.
Rage and Love, within me, coexist,
in their presence, my essence persists.

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

The Dual Pulse of Rage and Love

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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