Embracing Self and choosing compassion is the key to unlocking our true potential and creating a positive impact on the world. Often, our inner critic keeps us from reaching our goals and living out our dreams. It takes time, effort, and patience to change our perspective from judgment to compassion. The impact of self-love extends beyond ourselves and inspires others to do the same, creating a ripple effect that can change the world.

Beyond the Gaze

Beyond the Gaze

What I feel isn’t important,
what I think isn’t special either,
what I do for a living, no one can notice,
as to my looks…
I don’t want to even glance in the mirror…
As a mother and partner, I’m failing completely,
the sink-filled with dishes, the cooktop is filthy,
I don’t respect other people’s opinions,
I’m socially awkward, a useless weirdo…

I look at myself through the eyes of the stranger,
a mean and annoyed one who’s bothered by life,
feeling wounded and small,
all I can is to cry, as I’m slipping down and away,
from under the squint of those judging eyes

In those eyes, I’m ugly and fat,
in those eyes, I am just wasteful full,
in those eyes, I’m just a waste of space,
unworthy of love impostor with no grace.

So, here, I’m trying again…

What I do for a living is decent,
but it’s not enough, I must excel,
as a woman, I have to do better,
and in business, I need to up my game,
there’s so much room for improvement,
and I have only myself to blame,

I need to fix my life, face, and space,
so everything falls in its proper place,
all bins in the pantry should always sit straight,
the rose on the counter should never faint,
so I can make every minute count,
have everything in a proper amount,

I must meditate, journal, look great, never age,
bake, bike, take cold showers, always engage,
and get up no later than five, without fail,
to live a life of perceived success and leave no trail,

be social, cook, do yoga, and volunteer,
and hit the gym, to keep my body in gear…
But with the structure so rigid,
my focus keeps fleeting…
yet talking to me is quite pleasing,
if I keep all my tricks repeating…

As I look at myself with coaching eyes,
the drill sergeant’s gaze, that enforces a fight,
to chase elusive goals, that were never mine,
chasing the tail of an illusion, I can’t even define.

In these eyes, there’s a guiding direction,
in these eyes, there’re rigid rules,
in these eyes, there’s a solution to all,
and recipes for success on how to please the rest…
You can climb to the top and reside,
but your soul can’t soar flying high while you strive.

So I’m trying again…

I am both exciting and easy to be with,
my soul runs deep like the ocean, ever spacious and breezy,
creativity flows through me, timeless and priceless indeed,
and my arms are graced with the elegance of a swan’s wings,
through the sparkle in my eyes, you can get in to see and feel 
the warmth and softness of my heart’s cozy light deep within.

My legs are lovely, and my cute feet are perfect
to twirl me around in a joyful dance,
as my wild golden locks shimmer like ocean sand,
catching the sun’s radiance in each strand.

And to hell with the norms, rigid rules, and do-gooder’s restraints.
My passion and energy gushes, not caring for norms,
bursting with power and strength,
I am the best daughter, sister, and mother I know how to be,
and the most tender lover and truest friend I see.

And I sing like a stream flowing into the powerful sound of a river,
and I twinkle like bright stars in the infinite sky,
drown in close by the tender smile,
I got lost in deep wonder of eyes…

And I gaze at myself with these eyes,
with your adoring, caring, loving, kind eyes…
and my emotions soar and overflow,
they pour out as tears,
and I let them flow,
washing away any doubt and fears, 
bringing acceptance and peace,
as my vision clears…

In these eyes, I’m just right,
In these eyes, I’m a precious soul and a joyful being,
In these eyes, I’m a bright shining light,
and so it shall be, set me free, let me be…

Through different eyes we’re being watched,
as creators, children, teachers, coaches, lovers and mothers.
Each eye with its own expectations,
dictating how we should see ourselves in reflection.

But we need not be held captive to their gaze,
nor let their standards guide our days,
see through the lens of loving-kindness, clear and pure,
embrace the unique beauty that is only yours.

With compassion and care you can try,
see yourself through your eyes and my eyes,
and you might be surprised what you find
in those loving eyes…
In these eyes, you’re a precious gem,
in these eyes, you sparkle with life and love as you are divine,
in these eyes, you’re complete and more than enough.

So embrace yourself with “good morning” to start your day,
and “good night” as the stars come to play,
admit that you are wonderful, worthy, and whole,
love yourself fully, body, mind, and soul. 

Because in these eyes, there is no judgment or hate,
only acceptance, grace, and peace that resonate 
with every beat of your heart, every breath you take,
embrace your beauty, your strength, your unique soul’s shape.

See yourself with love, compassion, and care,
with eyes that honor the journey and where
you’ve come from, and where you’re going next,
with the courage to love yourself and all life’s complex.

May these eyes be the ones that you choose
to see yourself in a light that is true,
and may they guide you on this journey of life,
to shine your brightest and embrace your own light.

(2017, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Embracing Self-Love and Choosing Compassion

As I navigate the ups and downs of life, I often find myself struggling to meet the demands and expectations placed upon me. The world can feel like a harsh and unforgiving place sometimes, and it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters amidst the chaos—self-love.

I’ve come to realize that we are all imperfect beings with our own unique flaws and shortcomings. Yet, we tend to judge ourselves and others harshly, focusing on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. We let our inner critic hold us back from achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams, forgetting that self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance are the keys to unlocking our true potential.

But what does it mean to truly love ourselves? It’s not just about accepting our flaws and shortcomings but also about treating ourselves with kindness and compassion. It’s about acknowledging our strengths and unique qualities and allowing ourselves to grow and thrive.

As I began to embrace self-love, I realized that it’s a proccess – one that requires time, effort, and patience. It’s not always easy to shift our perspective from judgment to compassion, but the rewards are transformative.

When we choose to look at ourselves and others with loving eyes, we create a space for growth and creativity. We allow ourselves and others to be the best versions of themselves, to embrace their unique qualities and talents, and to strive for excellence without fear of failure or rejection.

And the impact of self-love goes beyond ourselves. By treating ourselves with kindness and acceptance, we create a positive energy that spreads to those around us. We inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect that can change the world.

Of course, there are times when our inner critic can be relentless, and it takes resilience and determination to continue on this journey. But by choosing to embrace self-love, we can transform ourselves and the world around us.

Exploration of self-love to see the beauty in imperfection and the potential in every person we meet can be very transformative. Let us be kind and compassionate to ourselves and in doing so, inspire others to do the same. Together, we can create a world that is filled with love, acceptance, and kindness – one loving step at a time.


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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