You are what you see, not what you’re looking at

The Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: How Our Inner Worlds Shape Our Perception

The world is full of beauty, wonder, and mystery – but how we see it depends on the lens through which we view it. Two people can look upon the same thing and see two entirely different things, depending on their inner state of being.

Seeing and looking are two different things – what we are looking at is just the surface, but how we see it reflects the deeper parts of ourselves. In other words, we are what we see, depending on how we are inside.

The Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

We are not just passive observers of the world but active participants in creating our own reality through the lens of our perceptions. Here I’m exploring how our inner worlds shape our perception and how cultivating an open and positive mindset can transform our view of the world.


On a street, two friends walked on 
A puddle lay, its surface gone 
One saw the muck, the filth, the grime 
The other saw the stars sublime
For in the puddle’s murky sheen 
A reflection of the stars was seen 
A mirror of the heavens high 
Reflecting in the puddle nigh
And so it is, with every sight 
Our own perspective brings the light  
For what we see is but a view 
Of our own soul, our point of view
We are the artists of our sight 
Painting our world with hues of light  
Some see in colors bright and bold 
While others see in shades of stale and old
Like a garden, we tend our mind 
Planting beauty or leaving it behind 
For what we nurture, will surely grow 
And what we neglect, will wilt and go
So if your mind’s a garden fair 
Let beauty bloom and thrive in there
But if your garden’s overrun 
With weeds that choke out all the sun 
Then tend to it with gentle care 
And pull the weeds with love to spare  
For in the darkness, even there 
A seed of beauty may take air 
And if you find in every view 
A beauty rare or shade of blue  
Then be the beauty that you see 
A garden fair for all to be
But if you find in every place 
A gloom that hides a darker face 
Know that what you see is but so 
A reflection of your mind’s own woe 
For what we see is but a view 
Of our own soul, our own debut 
So if you see beauty, let it grow 
And if everywhere you look you see ugly 
A sign it’s time to tend not know

(2019 © Julia Delaney)

On a street, two friends walked on, A puddle lay, its surface gone. One saw the muck, the filth, the grime, The other saw the stars sublime

A Reflection of Self: The Influence of Inner Being on Perception

As I walk through the world, I am struck by the incredible diversity of human experience. No two people see the world in exactly the same way, and every sight we behold has the potential to shape and transform us in profound ways.

Take, for example, a simple picture. Two people can look upon the same image and see two entirely different things. One may see a beautiful landscape, full of vibrant colors and stunning vistas. Another may see a desolate wasteland, a place of barrenness and despair.

At first glance, it may seem as though these two people are simply seeing different things. But the truth is far more complex than that. For in every sight we behold, we are not just passive observers, but active participants in the creation of our own reality.

The person who sees the beautiful landscape may do so because they have cultivated a sense of wonder and gratitude within themselves. They may have trained themselves to see the world in a positive light, to appreciate the small moments of beauty and joy that surround them every day.

The person who sees the wasteland may do so because they have been shaped by their own experiences and their own inner demons. They may see the world through a lens of pain and suffering, and find it difficult to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

Yet even in these vastly different experiences, there is hope. For every sight we behold holds the potential to transform us and shape us in powerful ways. By cultivating a sense of wonder and openness, we can learn to appreciate the beauty in even the most desolate of landscapes. And by confronting the darkness within ourselves, we can begin to heal and transform our own inner worlds.

So when I look upon a picture, I understand that what I see is not just a reflection of the world around me, but a reflection of my own inner being. By embracing every sight with curiosity and wonder, I can use the transformative power of sight to shape and mold my reality and create a world that is vibrant, beautiful, and full of possibility.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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