I hope it brings a sense of connection and understanding to those who find themselves facing their reflections with harshness. You are not alone.

I Stand With You

In the mirror’s gaze, alone I stand,
with shadows cast by my own hand.
Echoes of a voice not mine,
whispering tales of “not fine.”

In this glass, a world’s demand,
a measure I never could understand.
Each reflection, a silent plea,
“Is there a space for just being me?”

The weight of eyes, unseen but felt,
in solitude, where judgment melts.
I know the pain, the silent fight,
of standing alone in the too-bright light.

But hear this whisper, soft and clear,
through the glass, let it draw near:
“You’re not alone in this reflective dance,
in the judgment, the sideways glance.

We share this space, this silent scream,
chasing shadows of someone else’s dream.
Yet, in this struggle, there’s a tender might,
in knowing together, we face the night.”

Before you go, just know it’s true,
in your reflection, I stand with you.
Not to tell you, but to show,
in our mirrors, we’re not alone.

(2017, © Julia Delaney)


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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