In the dim light of a small, cluttered room, I sit by the window, the world outside bustling with life yet feeling galaxies away. I like to be a watcher, an observer of the human parade, my fingers absentmindedly tracing the rim of a cold coffee cup. Life has draped many roles upon my shoulders, each one a layer that hides the core of who I am.

My days are choreographed by needs, expectations, and societal norms, a dance of routine and obligation. Yet, as the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across the walls of my messy sanctuary, I find joy in shedding these imposed identities. In these quiet hours, I turn to my laptop, its screen a blank canvas awaiting my thoughts.

Here is another blank page. This is my realm, where words flow like rivers, where my heart speaks. I write not for fame or for eyes other than my own. I write to breathe, to exist, to continue….

Tonight, like many before, I pour my soul into lines and stanzas, crafting a world from my pain, my joy, my unspoken dreams. With each word, I build a bridge from my heart to the universe, and who knows, maybe somewhere, someone might understand.

Ephemeral Span

In the silent dance of the night’s embrace,
each snowflake falls with elegant grace.
A fleeting wisp in the vast, endless sky,
a moment’s whisper, a soft-spun sigh.
Just like the snowflake, in its transient flight,
our lives are brief bursts against the night.
A blanket is woven with threads so fine,
in the blink of the universe, briefly we shine.
Yet within this fleeting, ephemeral span,
lies the profound depth of the human clan.
Though our time is short, it’s rich with worth,
a brief, brilliant echo on the canvas of Earth.
In our existence, a truth we unfold,
a story of connection, ageless yet old.
Each life – a spark in the endless night,
illuminating the dark with its fleeting light.
As each snowflake in its descent is found,
a reminder of our journey, profound.
In the eternal dance, I find my place,
a moment of beauty, a touch of grace.

(2023, © Julia Delaney)


The seasons… Our lives are a series of changes, each phase distinct yet connected to the next. We experience the bloom of new beginnings in spring, the warmth of growth in summer, the transformation of change in autumn, and the introspection of rest in winter. In this cycle, there’s a quiet but powerful message — one of resilience, of hope, and of the beauty found in every moment.

Winter, with its serene calmness and introspective mood, brings with it a special kind of magic. It’s a time when a single snowflake, drifting down, can captivate us with its delicate beauty and intricate design. Each one unique, each one a tiny miracle in itself, reminding me of the wonder that lies in the smallest details of our lives…

Lone Snowflake

In the hush of the winter’s eve,
a lone snowflake begins to weave
a tale of wonder, a tale so bright,
adrift in the calm of the starry night.
From the heavens it falls, so free, so light,
a crystal glimmer in the moon’s soft light.
Each pattern unique, a miracle unseen,
glowing with a purity, so serene.
It twirls and spins in the silent air,
a dance of joy, without a care.
Through the world, it makes its way,
a fleeting spark in the play of day.
This tiny flake, so fragile, so small,
holds a story that enthralls us all.
A journey of life, brief yet so profound,
in its silent descent, wisdom is found.
Each of us dances, in our own way,
through the ups and downs of each day.
And though we will fall, and merge with the rest,
our beauty remains at its best.
A reminder that in our unique story and role,
lies the eternal dance of the soul.

(2018, © Julia Delaney)


Like the lone snowflake in its graceful descent, we too are on a path filled with beauty, wonder, and the quiet strength of being part of something much larger than yourself. In the hush of life’s winter, there’s always a tale of wonder waiting to be told.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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