“Existence blends, within our form,
Our eyes, our lips, our hearts reborn
A miracle, so deep and true
In this transformation, which is ever new”

By opening our minds and hearts to the vast network of life energy that sustains us, we can dissolve our sense of isolation and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude and wonder for the world around us

Life’s Sweet Kiss

On my plate, a feast of life’s embrace,
in every little piece, a tale of love and grace,
a fusion of energies woven with care,
in this sacred meal their stories are shared.

Upon my plate, the sun and rain,
the creatures small, and hands that stain,
in every bite, a hidden tale,
a swirling dance, a tender grace.

I take within the vibrant might,
a pulse of life, a spark of light,
from deepest cell to hair’s fine tip,
a glorious journey, an endless trip.

Existence blends, within my form,
my eyes, my lips, my hearts reborn;
A miracle, so deep and true,
in this transformation, which is ever new.

Yet often blind to this grand play,
our minds adrift, our thoughts astray,
to see the truth, to feel the bond,
a moment’s joy, a Love profound.

In conscious feast, my soul laid bare,
with open heart, I find  how much I care,
In every morsel, life’s sweet kiss,
dissolves my loneliness in shared bliss.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney - On my plate, a feast of life’s embrace

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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