In Love I Fall Again…

In Love, I fall once more,
into depths never charted before,
a plunge into the heart’s wordless lore,
a surrender so sweet,
all the way down to the very core.

Not a choice, but a whisper’s gentle pull,
this fall,
a dance beyond any rule,
a silent song rising from the soul,
in surrender
I become whole as I fall,
Love’s rhythm sets my heart beat on a roll.

Guided by currents unseen
I sway,
in Love’s vast ocean
I willingly stray;
in Love
I fall yet again,
embracing both the joy and the pain…

In the ebb and flow,
the tumble and twirl,
the loss and gain,
in Love,
there’s a universe to be felt
with every beat of the heart,
with every part of your being,
a rhythm,
a pulse,
a never-ending art to be seen.

Love isn’t a journey or a simple stroll,
It’s more like dancing
to an ancient rhythm of the soul;
A depth so vast,
it embraces us whole,
not ‘you and I’, but a much grander role.

Love just is,
always here, always now,
It doesn’t beg or plead;
when I awaken
to its profound depth,
I leap 
into the boundless sweep of

And so,
in Love I fall…
over and over, anew,
each fall,
a timeless dance
in the rhythm of Love’s vast, ageless tune,

In Love I fall again…

(2020 © Julia Delaney)

in love

Love is not a journey but a state of being, a continuous dance to an ancient rhythm. It’s about the experience of the present moment and embracing the ‘fall’, which includes all aspects of life, like joy, pain, loss, gain… Love is not something we strive towards or reach, but something we are always in…

Be Love

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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