In the Silence, We Speak

I noticed how the most profound conversations are often the ones where no words are exchanged at all. Have you? It’s in these silent interludes, in the pauses and the unspoken, that we often find the deepest connections.

In the hustle of our daily lives, surrounded by a cacophony of voices and sounds, there’s something almost rebellious in cherishing the quiet. It’s there, in the hush of early morning or the stillness of a late night, where our unspoken thoughts and feelings find their voice.

Do you remember the last time when you were moved by a piece of music, a painting, or the simple yet majestic beauty of a sunset? Weren’t these experiences, devoid of words, more telling than many conversations you’ve had? It’s as if, in the absence of spoken language, we tap into something more elemental, more universal.

I bet we all had those moments with a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger, where a look or a shared silence spoke volumes. These instances, fleeting as they may be, carry the essence of our connections, unmarred by the limitations of language.

It’s a realization, both comforting and daunting, that our most profound understandings often lie beyond the spoken word. In recognizing this, you begin to listen more intently, not just to what is said, but to what is felt, what is shared in silence and presence.

Hear Me

Hear me in the echo of a dream,
in whispers of the moon’s soft beam,
in every tear that falls unseen,
hear me, in the spaces in between.
In the rustle of a leaf, in a star’s faint glow,
in the silence of dawn, in the river’s slow flow,
in the longing of hearts, where secret sorrows lie,
hear me, in the quiet sigh.
Hear me in the laughter, now turned to pain,
in the memories that linger, like the gentle rain,
in the songs unsung, in the dance undone,
hear me, in the setting sun.
In the stillness of the night, in a breath’s fleeting trace,
in the shadows of love, in a lost embrace,
in the words unspoken, in the dreams unmet,
hear me, in the tears of regret.
Hear me in the fragments of a broken vow,
in the unasked questions of where, why, and how,
in the silent screams, in the eyes that weep,
hear me, in the secrets we keep.
In the gentle caress, now a distant touch,
in the joy that was, that meant so much,
in the lingering scent of a time gone by,
hear me, in the soul’s soft cry.
Hear me in the echoes of a whispered prayer,
in the heart’s quiet hope, in the depths of despair,
in the endless quest, in the longing to be free,
hear me, in the whispers of the sea.
In every moment lost, in every fading star,
in every dream that’s close, yet feels so far,
in the love that lives, in the pain that sears,
hear me, in the unspoken fears.
Hear me, not in words, but in the pulse of the night,
in the rhythm of existence, in the soul’s flight,
in this vast universe, in the endless sky,
hear me, in the tears I cry. 

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Our deepest expressions need not be loud to be heard, but felt deeply in the quiet corners of our hearts.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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