Paws in Presence: Embracing the Now

I watched my dog the other day. You know the way he stands, his gaze affixed upon the dew-kissed grass or a leaf tumbling in the dance of the morning breeze? No tomorrow clouds his bright eyes, no yesterday shackles his lithe body. He is the zenith of being, a living mantra of the power of now.

Throug Ghgrief's Tender Heart


‘Paws in Presence’ in my voice:

from my AudioBook “Through Grief’s Tender Heart”

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Paws in Presence, from book "Through Grief's Tender Heart" by Julia Delaney

In his world, there is no hollow longing, no grasping for some elusive future. Every moment is total presence, where the divine ordinary unravels itself in the aray of the senses. The sharp movement of a tail, the flick of an ear, a satisfied sigh… are all hymns of the eternal Now.

I can hear the silence in his stillness. It’s not the absence of sound, but the fullness of being. He taught me a language that precedes words, a lexicon of the soul written in the silent dialect of living, breathing existence.

A dog’s wagging tail, a cat’s lazy stretch, are sentences in the discourse of joy that emerges when you make peace with the world exactly as it is. Life, unfiltered, unadulterated by the constant whirr of human thought, is poetry in motion. And our pets, they are its finest bards.

In times of heartache, when the world weighs heavy and our spirit wanes, they approach us not with empty platitudes or well-meaning advice. Instead, they offer us a safe harbor in the tempest, a warm, silent embrace that speaks volumes.

They teach us that it’s okay to simply be. To sit with your sorrow without seeking to change or escape it. To let your tears flow, knowing that even the sky weeps and it’s still regarded as beautiful. They sit by us, their gentle purring or steady breathing becoming a lullaby for our troubled hearts.

Julia Delaney with her dog

Our pets do not seek to fix us because they know that we are not broken. We are whole. They invite us to recognize our wholeness even in our suffering. In their silent, attentive presence, they remind me that beneath my human struggles, I’m a Life itself, capable of love, resilience, and infinite transformation.

Their way of being inspires me. What if we learn to stand in the gaze of the moon with the innocence of a kitten, or to lose ourselves in the ecstasy of a simple walk like a dog chasing a dragonfly? Are we, humans, capable of immersing ourselves so deeply in the present that we become the present?

In this moment, we’re never alone. We’re bound by the breath of life that animates the cat at our feet, the dog by our side, and the beating heart within our chests. And in this recognition, I find not only my shared communion with life but also the strength to navigate the uncertain seas of existence.

Our pets, our silent teachers, reminding us to hold each moment close, to cradle it with tenderness, for it is in these transient breaths of time that we truly live. To be as they are, completely and utterly here, is perhaps the most profound lesson they impart.

Throug Ghgrief's Tender Heart


‘A Sage Without a Song‘ 

from my AudioBook “Through Grief’s Tender Heart”

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A Sage Without a Song 

Each morning as I stir from dreams, 
the first sight I meet 
is a pair of glossy eyes,
their tenderness so sweet… 
Patiently they watch, 
as night gives way to light, 
and I open my eyes to love’s pure delight.
My groggy grumbles 
met with the softest sigh, 
hugs, snuggles, and kisses, 
are my morning’s high.
His tiny soul, 
bubbling with zeal untold,
each sunrise, 
a new story to be unrolled.
With every ray, his excitement anew, 
a fresh day, a unique joy to pursue.
For him, 
every dawn is a joyous parade, 
as if seeing the morning sun 
for the first time, 
unafraid his spirit soars, 
takes a joyful flight.
In his eyes, 
there’s no mundane, 
all feels bright.
To him, 
each morning is a new birth, 
a chance to spread his joy upon this earth. 
He dwells in the moment’s spree. 
in his gaze, tomorrow doesn’t play, 
and yesterday has no sway.
In the raw freshness of the day, 
he teaches me to embrace life’s play.
He watches the leaf in a dance so free,
an embodiment of just ‘to be’. 
Unfettered by past or future’s trace, 
in the heartbeat of now he finds his place.
He does speak in silence, 
clear and pure, 
life’s deepest wisdom, 
he assures. 
A dialogue deeper than words we convey, 
in the hush of the heart, it finds its way.
In his joy, in his peace, 
I glimpse life’s ceaseless lease. 
A sage he is, without a song 
singing of now, 
where we belong.
When hardship looms, 
he’s by my side, 
no hollow words, 
in silence, we confide. 
He sees no broken, 
he sees no bent, 
in his eyes, 
I’m whole, no need for mend.
In his stillness, a lesson so clear, 
In the ever-passing moment, 
life is here. 
My silent guide, he softly imparts, 
to cradle each moment 
close to my heart.
His world, 
a dance of the present’s song, 
a reminder of where we all truly belong. 
In his glittering eyes, 
the secret’s key, 
to live, to love, to be.

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Our pets, our silent teachers

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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