Imagine Love

Imagine a Love, 
a love so profound, 
unanchored, unmeasured, with no bound. 
A radiant warmth, 
a relentless tide, 
an embrace from which you cannot hide.
Imagine a Love, 
a nourishing rain that asks for nothing, 
embraces all, 
the joy and pain. 
It seeks no return, 
no debt to be paid, 
in its soft radiant light, 
all shadows fade.
Imagine a Love, 
so vast, 
so deep, 
it’s the promise 
that the universe silently keeps. 
It cradles your essence, 
in waking and sleep, 
it’s the secret within us 
that we all reap.
This Love doesn’t bargain, 
doesn’t keep score, 
it loves you in silence, 
It bathes you in grace, 
through your very core, 
it’s a love that’s both 
the ocean and the shore.
Imagine a Love, 
constant as the stars, 
beyond the constructs 
of our earthly bars. 
It’s the hidden fabric 
that binds near and far, 
in its gentle hands, 
you’re the guiding star.
This Love 
is you, 
it’s me, 
it’s all, 
it is 
in the rise 
and in the fall. 
It’s the whispered answer 
to our soul’s call, 
it’s the thread that connects us, 
big and small.
In this Love, 
we find our way, 
from the edge of night 
to the break of day. 
It’s the silent symphony in which we play, 
in its sacred rhythm, 
as one we sway.
In this Love, 
there’s no You or I, 
there’s only the breath of the endless sky. 
It’s the state of being where we comply, 
it’s the gateway to the Oneness, 
where we lie.
Unconditional Love, 
both the question and reply, 
in the eternal moment, 
where we align. 
The pure essence of us, 
where secrets lie, 
the home within 
is where we unify.

(2023 © Julia Delaney)

Imagine Love

Love, an eternal echo, subtle and profound, a connection felt but never bound…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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