Moving Through Crowds

In dreams,  
I move through crowds
brimming with laughter, 
wrapped in clouds.
Yet inside, 
a gnawing silence takes hold,
a story in my heart,
My light dances, 
vibrant and real, 
a ray of warmth, they can feel.
Yet beneath, 
in the depths, unseen,
lies a heart that weeps.
Eyes meet mine, 
but fail to see,
the depth beneath, 
the silent plea.
A smile, sincere as the day, 
yet the longing in my eyes they turn away.
On the surface, a joyous dance,
Inside, a longing for a deeper glance,
for communion, 
for shared silence, 
for a gaze that knows, 
for a moment of understanding, 
as a gentle river flows.
I am their sun, yet I long for the moon, 
the silent notes of an unsung tune. 
In the heart of the crowd, I stand, 
yet the song of my silence, 
they don’t understand.
My pain is like a river running deep,
in my heart, secrets I quietly keep.
Lonely in the crowd, 
unspoken words unwind,
an untraveled path, left behind.
Yet, in this solitude, a key,
To the locked door of my mystery.
In the silence, 
in the depth, 
in the unmet gaze,
I meet my honest, raw, unadorned space.
In the crowd I am alone,
a single star, yet to be known.
In the silence, 
in my heart’s honest plea,
I am whole, 
I am free.
So, I wear my solitude as a crown,
In the crowd, yet not worn down.
In my loneliness, 
a lighthouse in the night,
a lonely star, 
but burning bright with infinite light.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)



Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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