Love is the most powerful Life source.
We can’t control or own someone else’s feelings.
But we can be In Love, we can act out of Love, we can imbibe Love, we can be Love and… we can ask…. for an act of Love.
It feels good to Love, it feels good to be Loved.
Be Love.

Love is

A Grace We Come To Know

Love is
the heartbeat,
the deepest trance,
the pulse in life’s expansive, ever-spinning dance.
out of control,
no set or predetermined stance,
within its boundless endless expanse,
we live,
we breathe
in Love’s romance.

We can’t harness a heart
seal feelings or stake a claim,
yet, in Love,
we can remain,
we can deeply feel
and embody Love,
ethereal and real,
and for Love’s touch
we can appeal…

Bathed in its essence,
we come alive,
through acts of Love
we truly thrive

We are Love
if we fall losing control,
in Love’s chaos
we become whole

To love,
to be a spark, a joy, a flame, a gentle glow…
To be loved,
a grace we come to know…

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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