Finding Authenticity Amid Deception

You know how we’re all sort of searching for something bigger than ourselves, right? It’s like we’re on this never-ending road trip, hunting for that one place or teaching that makes everything finally click. And sure, there are some really cool ‘rest stops’ along the way—those moments where you think, “Hey, this could be it; this feels right.” But the tricky part? Not every place that claims to be a sanctuary really is. Some spots might look like a five-star hotel on the outside but turn out to be more like a confusing maze once you’re in.

Navigating all this is a bit like dating. You meet someone who seems to get you, who promises the world and then some. But soon enough, you realize they’re not interested in helping you grow; they just want to mold you into what they think you should be. The real deal—the kinds of teachings or places you wanna stick with—are the ones that let you be you. They help you dig deeper into your own thoughts, ask your own questions, and heck, even come up with your own answers. It’s all about finding that balance between wanting to grow and making sure you’re not just following someone else’s script. So, as we’re out there looking for our own version of ‘enlightenment,’ let’s make sure we’re picking up what genuinely resonates with us, not just what sounds good on paper.

Between Salvation and Subjugation

In corridors of sanctity,
where heaven’s glow and shadows meet,
walks a seeker, torn between
grounds of grace and grounds of deceit.
Vows of silence speak aloud,
codes of conduct guard the gate,
yet the seeker’s inner voice
asks if freedom must abate.
Here lies peace in folded palms,
there lies power in clenched fists,
sanctuary can morph into a cell,
as quickly as mist turns to trysts.
Chants of love become chains of law,
sacred texts, a fortress high,
is it salvation that’s being sought,
or just another guise to comply?
When the guide becomes the warden,
when the path becomes the maze,
the soul seeks to unravel
the enigma of this dual-phase.
In pursuit of holy wisdom,
it’s so easy to forget—
subjugation dons the cloak of light
to capture those it seeks to get.
Yet within each heart lies dormant
a compass, truer than the North,
calling out for honest paths,
where authenticity strides forth.
Here, between salvation and subjugation,
in this duality, we roam,
may we find the strength to decipher
the way that truly leads us home.

(10/2020 © Julia Delaney)

Between Salvation and Subjugation

The Dual Path of Spirituality

As we explore the terrain of spirituality, we often find ourselves balancing on a tightrope—a delicate line strung between true liberation and veiled captivity. On one hand, we are pulled towards a profound awakening, a state of consciousness that promises to strip away the illusory and elevate our being to a realm of higher understanding. These are the landscapes where the soul feels heard, where the search for meaning finds its temple. On the other hand, this path is fraught with pitfalls masquerading as sanctuaries, places and teachings that beckon with the allure of enlightenment but serve only to entangle us further in a web of prescribed truths and dogmatic practices.

This duality is an essential facet of the human condition. Each of us is an explorer, armed with nothing more than our own intuition as we sift through an endless array of doctrines, teachers, and communities, all claiming to possess the ultimate truth. But let us not forget, the true guide is the one that fosters our independence, that teaches us not what to see, but how to see. As we undertake this profound exploration, let’s hold onto the importance of discernment, let’s remember to listen as much to our inner wisdom as to the sages who’ve tread the path before us. In this space of liminality, between the thirst for transcendence and the risk of losing ourselves, we continue our search, always mindful, ever vigilant.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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