The quest for a richer inner life can sometimes lure us into landscapes filled with enticing promises and enigmatic figures who claim to hold the keys to enlightenment. While the path to self-discovery is riddled with essential teachers and well-meaning mentors, it can also be fraught with spiritual entanglements that look like salvation but feel like entrapment. The allure of transformation, the promise of an elevated state of being, can sometimes distract us from the grounded essence of who we are. And when that happens, what began as an journey towards self-realization can imperceptibly shift into a journey of self-alienation.

There is a certain seductive quality to individuals or philosophies that claim to have all the answers. They draw us in with the intoxicating scent of clarity amid the existential quandaries we all navigate. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that the path to genuine spiritual discovery is often marked by questions rather than answers, by fluidity rather than dogma. As we weave through the labyrinthine dimensions of spiritual exploration, it’s essential to keep a hold of our own interpretive compass—to discern between teachings that truly resonate with our innermost selves and those that only serve to detour us into somebody else’s idea of truth. When it comes to spiritual growth, authenticity is our greatest ally, and vigilance, our most indispensable tool.

The Twisted Transformation

In a garden of roses, 
with beauty all around,
there lurks a weed 
that spreads its darkness 
with an elaborate sound.
His thorns are sharp and deadly, 
his leaves are sleek and green,
he spreads its tendrils far and wide, 
with evil at its seed.
He promises a new way of living 
with strength, growth, and bliss,
but soon, 
all kinds of flowers find themselves 
in a world of abyss.
His roots run deep and tangled
through the soil and the earth,
and many beautiful blossoms 
are found stripped of all their worth.
He uses sweet persuasion, 
to twist their thoughts and dreams,
and soon they find themselves 
trapped in his schemes.
With subtle tricks and guile 
he wins their trust and hearts,
and slowly but precisely 
he tears their worlds apart.
His whispers of love and joy, 
seem so pure and true,
and before they know it, 
they’re caught in his brew.
He preys upon their fears, 
and promises them eternity,
while he takes away their freedom 
and their individuality.
He claims they’re not unique, 
just lost in the dark,
proclaiming to hold the key  
to eternal happiness and a new spark.
He whispers of a silent transformation,
And soon, their minds become rewired
and lost in his mind’s plantation.
His seductive voice promises 
a lifelong love affair
of joy and inner peace beyond compare, 
but as they fall deeper, 
he takes away their free will, gift so rare;
Slowly but surely, 
he twists their thoughts and dreams,
and before they know it, 
they’re trapped in his schemes.
There’re those who promise
a new life and a new way,
don’t let their sweet words 
lead you astray.
Staying true to your own path 
follow your heart, 
with courage and strength
you can break free from its hypnotic lore.
Beware of the weed of deception, 
with thorns sharp and sly 
and never let his promises 
make you fall under its lie

(2022 © Julia Delaney)


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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