Through My Gaze

In the silence of my own contemplation,
beneath layers of someone else’s expectations,
I found a voice, not mine, but imposed,
echoes of judgments, in my psyche enclosed.
Not just a mother’s, but the world’s decree,
a cacophony of voices, not letting me be.
Teachers, lovers, the faces change,
their standards, their rules, ever so strange.
I chase shadows of approval, elusive, fleet,
a Sisyphean quest, always incomplete.
In this labyrinth of reflections, I seek my own face,
lost in the maze of the human race.
Every “should,” every “must,” a chain,
forged in the fires of another’s disdain.
Yet, here I stand, at the crossroad of my soul,
questioning the cost of this external toll.
Who am I, beneath these layers imposed?
stripping away expectations, naked, exposed.
A raw, unfiltered quest to find,
the essence of me, uniquely defined.
In this introspection, I dive deep,
to awaken the self, long put to sleep.
In the end, it’s not through someone else’s eyes we must see,
but through our own gaze, to truly be free.

(2015, © Julia Delaney)

Through My Gaze

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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