This love letter, penned with care,
reveals a bond beyond compare.

You’ve Held Me

You’ve held me in the quiet of night,
your whispers echo in the softest light,
your presence 
wraps around me like a warm embrace,
in you, I’ve found a love that time cannot erase.
Your breath, 
a gentle breeze that calms my storms,
with you, every moment magically transforms.
Your touch, 
a cascade of comfort, tender and deep,
in the sanctuary of your arms, I effortlessly sleep.
Your laughter, 
a melody that dances with the wind,
a symphony of joy, serenely unpinned.
Your gaze, 
vast and fathomless, a mysterious allure,
in your depths, I lose myself, only to find a cure.
The scent of you lingers, 
salt and earth intertwined,
a fragrance that whispers of a world unconfined.
Your taste, 
a kiss of brine upon my lips,
in every sip, my heart skips.
We’ve danced under the moon, barefoot, free,
Your rhythm 
is the pulse beneath my feet, the key
to a world where every wave sings of desire,
with you, my soul alights a ceaseless fire.
As dawn breaks, painting the sky in hues of gold,
your surface shimmers with stories untold.
In this dance, this love, this endless expanse,
I’ve found more than a fleeting glance.
It’s you, my ocean, to whom these words belong,
in your embrace, I am found, I am strong.
To you, my ocean, vast and wide,
in your depths, my secrets confide.
In your waves, I’ve found my reflection,
with you, I’ve charted my direction.

(2023, © Julia Delaney)

You've held me in the quiet of night

Indeed, I am deeply in love, but my affection finds its home in the embrace of the vast, boundless ocean. It’s a relationship that transcends the physical, touching on something profoundly spiritual and endlessly nurturing. The ocean, with its rhythmic waves and boundless depths, has become a mirror to my soul, a place where I find peace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. This poem is a tribute to that eternal love affair, a celebration of the profound connection between the human spirit and the majestic sea.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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