With Every Wave

Ocean, my mirror, my guide,
in your vastness, I find places to hide.
Your whispers at dawn – a soft, soothing song,
with each wave’s retreat, my heartstrings you tug along.
Under the moon’s gentle, watchful eye,
beside you, beneath the starlit sky,
I confess my dreams, my fears, my longings,
in your presence, my lonely soul finds its turning.
Your salt in the air – a kiss on my skin,
a reminder of where you end, and I begin.
In your embrace, I lose and find my essence,
in your boundless depths, I discover my presence.
You’ve seen me bare, in joy and in sorrow,
by your side, I borrow
the strength of your tides, fierce and gentle,
in your rhythm, my life becomes elemental.
To you, I’ve whispered secrets untold,
in the safety of your fold,
I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve simply been,
in your roar, my silence has been seen.
With every wave that caresses the shore,
you beckon me, to love, to explore.
In your fluidity, I see life’s dance,
with you, I take my chance.
This love letter, penned by the shore,
speaks of a bond, a lore.
Ocean, you are my endless embrace,
in your vast, I find my sacred space.
As the sun dips low, painting you gold,
in your story, my own is told.
With the horizon where you kiss the sky,
I find my answers to the ‘where’ and ‘why’.
Here’s my heart, laid bare, sincere,
with you, my ocean, I have nothing to fear.
In your vastness, I’ve found my true north,
with every wave, our love pours forth.

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

with every wave, our love pours forth

The ocean taught me profound lessons about life. It was a living, breathing entity, changing with each passing moment, never once repeating its guise.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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