“Embracing pain,
I let memories’ hold fade away,
knowing that from the depths of darkness
the sun will rise again”

Even when the shadows seem to take over, there’s always a ray of light waiting just around the corner…

In Twilight’s Dance

When silence rules
and heart is touched by pain,
I search for peace in life’s relentless gale.
The world may splinter, 
yet a spark remains, 
piercing the gray as joy regains,
beyond despair, 
a glimmer guides my way.
In twilight’s dance, both joy and sorrow twine 
like ancient friends, a testament to Life.
You know, 
when the sun through clouded skies does shine,
where joy and sorrow meet,
at this point, 
Life thrives.
And in this fleeting moment,
small and unadorned,
a laugh, 
a scent, 
a warm embrace restored,
in this simplicity, 
the bliss is born;
Each simple joy— 
a universe to behold.
Embracing pain, 
I let memories’ hold fade away,
knowing that from the depths of darkness
the sun will rise again.

(2015, © Julia Delaney)

Between Sun and Shadow: Embracing Life’s Complexities

Between Sun and Shadow, We Are

Life has a rhythm of its own, a melody that sways to the shifting tempo of our experiences. The dance of existence is not one defined by simplicity, but rather a complex dance of intricate steps, painted in various hues of joy and sorrow, triumph and despair, love and loss… This intricate dance happens at the point where light meets darkness, where sun and shadow intertwine, shaping the richness of our human experience. And it’s within this complexity that we’re truly alive.

You know, those moments of twilight… When golden rays kiss the sky… When the world around you becomes a swirl of hues, with each color bleeding into the next, creating an array of shades that’s both enthralling and ineffable. This is the dance of twilight, the dance of life. To me, this light show never gets old, never stops to fascinate me, and takes my breath away each day.

It’s just like the dance floor of life, radiant with the sun’s golden glow and shadowed with the enigmatic mystery of darkness. Just as twilight entwines the day and night, so too does our dance interweave joy and sorrow. This dance, this twilight of life, is where our most profound moments unfold and where the human spirit thrives.

Rather than seeing life’s complexities as a battleground between light and dark, I love to envision them as unique melodies in the symphony of existence. The enchantment lies not in the relentless pursuit of light or the desperate evasion of shadows but in the harmonious blend of both. It is in this blend, this intricate balanced dance, where we find the courage to feel deeply, to love fearlessly, and to rise above adversity with grace.

Life’s complexities are not burdens to be shrugged off, nor are they puzzles to be solved. They are more akin to notes in a grand symphony, each contributing to an intricate and enchanting melody. It’s tempting and often comforting to seek simplicity and chase the perpetually sunny side of the street. Yet, if we have the courage to venture into the shadow, we can find a particular kind of beauty. It’s the beauty found in the resilience of a heart that has known sorrow, in the laughter that follows tears, and in the courage to rise after a fall.

Each of us experiences moments that are small and unadorned, moments that in their simplicity, hold the power to touch our soul. In my life, the most heartfelt moments often came wrapped in simplicity. An infectious bout of laughter, a tender touch, a quiet act of kindness, the familiar scent of home – these seemingly insignificant moments became the sunlight that illuminated my darkest days.

Pain. Pain, too, has its place in this dance. It’s far from being an adversary, though it is seemingly unpleasant. Often, pain is more like a sage whispering invaluable lessons, nudging us towards growth and transformation.

When I embrace pain, acknowledge it, navigate through it the best way I know how to, learn from it, I feel like I am freeing myself to step into the light, unburdened and stronger. I find the strength to rise from the depths of despair, like the sun breaking through the darkest night, illuminating a new path forward.

Between sun and shadow, here we are. Simply put: without a subject, there is no shadow. Our very existence gives birth to the shadows of life. Between sun and shadow, here we are….

The shadow is the challenges, pains, and complexities that accompany our human existence. When the radiant sun (the joy, the love, the triumphs of life) shines on us (as objects), the shadow inevitably forms.

Between sun and shadow, we exist – to me, here lies a profound truth about our existence. We, as the subjects of our lives, are essential to creating the dance between the sun and the shadow. It is our presence that brings forth the shadows, those darker, complex layers of our existence. It is also us who bask in the warmth of the sun, feeling joy, love, and all the bright hues of life.

Our existence isn’t just about dwelling in the spaces lit by the sun, nor is it about creeping in shadows. We’re not just passive spectators; we’re active participants in this intricate dance of light and darkness, triumph and despair, joy and sorrow.

Embracing this fact gave me a deeper appreciation for life’s complexities. I realized that every experience, be it filled with joy or fraught with sorrow, contributes to my growth, depth, and understanding. The sun illuminates your path, while the shadows add depth and texture to the journey, making it uniquely yours.

So, between sun and shadow, we are – not just existing but living, experiencing, evolving. We are not merely in the space between, we are the creators of that space. It’s a dance that we are intricately a part of, a dance we contribute to with every step we take in our life’s exploration. This realization guides me to live more authentically, more courageously, and with a richer appreciation for life’s beautiful complexity.

Between Sun and Shadow, I am

In the dance between sun and shadow, I exist.
No mere spectator, it’s my being that casts the mist.
Because without Me, my shadow would not be,
my very existence births life’s complexity.

It’s me who carves the stage on which shadows play
and basks in the sun’s warm, golden ray.
The shadows, they are not foes, but an intricate part
of the dance, of music, of the human heart.

In the dance between joy and sorrow, I learn,
as sun and shadow take their turn,
with each sunlit triumph, each shadowy trial,
I’m shaping, evolving, dancing all the while.

Life isn’t about basking in the sun’s glow,
nor is it about creeping where the dark shadows flow.
We’re not the onlookers, we’re the dance’s very core,
in the light and the dark, we are so much more.

Between sun and shadow, our lives take form,
in the calm of the light, in the shadow’s storm.
Every high, every low, every love, every loss
adds texture to the journey, adds depth to the gloss.

Between sun and shadow, life’s beauty is unfurled,
not merely in the space between, we shape the world.
We are, dancers in life’s grand ball
where between sun and shadow, we create it all.

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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