Hey, my dear friend! I’ve been pouring my heart out onto paper, trying to make sense of the ups and downs that life keeps throwing my way. I wanted to share a poem I wrote called “Sun and Shadows” It’s a reflection of my way through sorrows and difficult times, and I think it might resonate with you too.

Light and Shadows

When silence rules and heart is touched by pain
I search for peace in life’s relentless gale
The world may splinter yet a spark will glow
A tender whisper of joy through shades of gray

In twilight’s dance, both joy and sorrow twine
Like ancient friends, a testament to life
For when the sun through clouded skies doth shine
We see that happiness thrives amid strife

These fleeting moments, small and unadorned
A laugh, a scent, a warm embrace restored
In such simplicity, the bliss is born
A treasure trove, with happiness outpoured

Embracing pain, I let memories hold fade away
I know, in darkness deep, the sun shall rise again

(2015 © Julia Delaney)

Between Sun and Shadow: Embracing Life’s Complexities

Even when the shadows seem to take over, there’s always a ray of light waiting just around the corner…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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