I Should Probably Go

So, I should probably go…
But here I stand, toes on the precipice,
contemplating the leap from known to unknown.
The air, thick with hesitation, wraps around me,
a cocoon of maybe’s and what if’s.
This threshold, not of doors but of decisions,
marks the battleground of inner turmoil.
With every breath, a silent conversation,
whispers of courage and the allure of the safe,
wage war in the quietest corners of my mind.
The world beyond this moment is a canvas 
untouched, brimming with potential strokes
of pain, of joy, of the myriad hues of living.
To step forward is to dip the brush,
to mark the pristine with the messy art of choice.
So, I should probably go…
Yet, here I linger…
a silhouette against the dawn,
Not out of fear, but in reverence
for the weight of stepping into a new day.
the future beckons with open hands,
a call to embrace the unkempt beauty of change.
And as the sun ascends, casting light on the path ahead,
I realize that to go is not to leave,
but to arrive at the cusp of endless beginnings.
With a breath, a step, a leap into the vast unknown,
I go, not because I must, but because I dare to grow.

(2018, © Julia Delaney)

I Should Probably Go

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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