“Each touch a guide, our path unfolds
In artful balance life’s dance molds
A subtle force, the hands of fate
Transform the clay as we create”

The Potter’s Wheel of Life

Life is just like a potter’s wheel, spinning and shaping the clay of our experiences into a unique, intricate vessel. The wheel’s spiral motion is the rhythm of life, continuously evolving as we add new layers of actions, emotions, and understanding to our creation.

As the potter’s wheel spins, the hands guide the clay, shaping our individual ways with every touch. There’s a delicate balance at play here – applying just the right amount of pressure and guidance while allowing the natural flow of the wheel to take its course. Our experiences of joy and sorrow, like the artist’s skilled fingers, mold and transform us into the beautifully complex beings that we are.

Throughout the spinning process, our vessel may become misshapen or uneven, reflecting the trials and tribulations we encounter. But as an everlasting play of give-and-take continues to guide the clay, we can reshape and refine our creation, finding strength and beauty in its imperfections.

The spinning wheel of life has a cyclical nature, and so do our emotions. The spiraling motion of the wheel swirls into a seemingly endless intertwining of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, receding and engulfing, and this flow is a never-ending dance. As I embraced this dance, I’ve come to appreciate the interconnectedness of our emotions, recognizing that each one contributes to the magnificent spiral flow of our existence.

So, as we go through life on this spinning potter’s wheel, I’m embracing the spiraling, intertwining dance of actions and emotions, the delicate balance of guidance and flow, and the beautiful vessel we create along the way as a whole. It’s in this dance, in the spinning and shaping of our experiences, that we uncover the true essence of life – a testament to the resilience, growth, and profound beauty that emerge.

A Potter’s Touch

Upon the wheel that spins the days,
Life’s potter molds our earthen ways.
A vessel formed with tender care,
through joy and strife a Life we share.
Each touch a guide, our path unfolds,
in artful balance life’s dance molds,
a subtle force, the hands of fate
transform the clay, as we create.
The spiral dance, our hearts connect,
in joy and pain our lives reflect,
as cycles turn, emotions sway,
a masterpiece of life’s display.
Let’s twirl and sway on this life’s stage,
in each graceful spin, let’s truly engage,
embrace the spin life’s potter’s wheel,
in every turn our souls reveal.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

potter's wheel

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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