I felt a bit down lately. When I set down and looked deep inside, this poem poured out of me ….


I’m reciting my poem in this video.

Emptiness Within


Though we have a body that’s alive and active,
though we write books, love, work, and explore the world,
like a recorder,
we play on repeat someone’s thoughts, ideas, and actions;
Without an experience,
we own them as knowledge,
and pompously showing it off to the world.

Yet, deep within us, dark emptiness lives.

By trying to fill it with money and power,
with noise of the party,
with gossip and cheer,
acquiring knowledge, friends, social status,
we fail to fulfill this bottomless whale.

Wealth and success,
admiration and stardom,
people and cities,
possessions and friends…
No matter which way you fulfill it with action,
life derisively whispers,
“No, this isn’t the way.”

Because, surely,
on top of the most beautiful picture,
painted with the utmost vibrant colors,
by the magnificent master artist,
quietly settles the dust of mundane human yearning…

But, as engraved in human nature,
driven by habit and fear,
we run from all we don’t want to face.

The whole Human race continues to scream that it wants to know,
to know it all,
but in reality,
scared of facing the truth on its own.

It doesn’t matter where you’re looking for fulfillment,
In the name of satisfaction,
you keep on seeking…
but in this search, you morph into someone else;
by comparing your life with the lives of others,
with desires and goals that aren’t yours;
You get possessed with illusions and are losing…
you’re losing the game without a chance,
a chance of playing at all.

Old things come as new in a different form, but
behind the scene of the most beautiful painting,
with the most magical setting and composition,
even those who appear to be the happiest,
muffling internal emptiness and trepidation.

Escaping in stillness, I see no fear,
alone I feel whole,
and the answer is clear…
I stare at the emptiness,
I embrace it as mine;
a boundless inclusion ends all pursuits,
a sweet rain of affection fills all of the voids,
Communion is there
where Love is a Song

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia



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