At times, you might feel like a lily among sunflowers, surrounded by bright colors and towering heights, while you radiate quiet elegance. But the thing is, lilies hold their own serene beauty, captivating the hearts of many.

The World is a Better Place With Beautiful You

Imagine a world where every flower blooms
No need for others’ thoughts to loom
Self-esteem is a concept
A myth we chase
When all along
it’s our perspective we should embrace

In a garden filled with roses, so fair
A unique one stands out with such flair
Others may whisper, compare, or sigh
But that distinct rose blooms
reaching for the sky

You see, dear friends, perspective’s the key
To unlock the beauty within you and me
We may differ from the crowd, it’s true
But that what makes us unique
through and through

At times we may feel like a quiet brook
Among roaring waterfalls that steal the look
But you see, a brook has its charm
A gentle calm, a balm, a place of warmth

You’re amazing, just as you are
No need for validation from near or far
If someone sees a weed among the green
Know you’re a rare flower
beautiful and serene

Let’s bid farewell to self-esteem
That elusive dream
And embrace our true selves
As a united as we seem
Shift your perspective
See your beauty within

Now, go share your light
Your unique, gorgeous hue
For the world’s a better place
with beautiful You

(2019 © Julia Delaney)

For the world’s a better place with beautiful you

Adjust your perspective, and see yourself through the eyes of those who appreciate your true magnificence.

Now, go out and share your distinct beauty with the world.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Feel More Connected and Less Alone 💞



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