Ocean’s Whisper

You know, for the longest time, my life up north was a blur of workdays that melded into each other, peppered with the occasional snowstorm to shake things up. As an entrepreneur, weekends were a myth, vacations a fairy tale. Every day was a hustle, every dollar earned was a step toward keeping the lights on and the dream alive. But amidst the invoices and the endless to-dos, I harbored a secret dream: to swap the icy winds for the warm embrace of a tropical climate.

Then, life threw me a curveball that made the dream of warmth and wellness more urgent than ever. I started facing health challenges that were more than just a hiccup in my daily grind. Diagnosed with Lyme disease, my body began to show signs of weariness that went beyond the normal entrepreneur’s fatigue. The recovery was slow and quite challenging. It was a wake-up call. I took it as a challenge to find a way to reclaim my energy and vitality.

Tidal Shifts

So, about 15 years ago, with little time to spare and a heart full of hope, I set off to Florida. I had one week to find a place where the echo of the ocean spoke to me, where the sand underfoot felt just right. It was a straightforward mission: to discover a beach where, amidst the constant hustle of my life, I could find a moment’s peace, a breath of fresh salty air. In the rush of managing a showroom, website, warehouse, and offices back in the Boston suburbs, this search was my lifeline to tranquility. That week, I was determined to find my sanctuary, a place that, upon arrival, would immediately feel like I belonged.

I was looking for a life where my backyard could be the escape I’d always craved. Because, let’s face it, when you’re glued to your business, the only vacation you get is the one you live in.


My search was as much a poetic journey as it was a mission. I tested the sands of Florida’s beaches like a kid at a candy store, feeling the textures, letting the ocean waves flirt with my feet. Yet during this mission, the most profound moment of clarity came unexpectedly, before any decisions were made, in a local coffee shop across from the beach. I ordered a coffee and sat on an outdoor couch under the broad canopy, taking in the panoramic view before me. Suddenly, tears started streaming down my face. It was an overwhelming sense of belonging that washed over me.

Right there, amid the orchestrated chaos of life unfolding—children’s laughter as they darted around the sand, the rhythmic strides of joggers and the smooth roll of bike tires on the boardwalk; onlookers paused, eyes wide, captivated by the sea’s endless dance with the shore, while the elderly ambled by, smiles wide, soaking in the sun’s gentle caress. The sun’s rays played a brilliant game of tag with the waves, casting a glow that seemed to touch everything with gold. This place, alive with the sounds of footsteps, conversations, and the ocean’s whisper, was where everything clicked into place for me. Surrounded by the ceaseless motion of life in its myriad forms, I found where I belonged.

Emboldened by this realization, I took the steps to make it my reality. Within six months, I navigated the complexities of buying a house and relocating my life to this newfound sanctuary. This transition wasn’t just about moving to a new location; it was about embracing a new way of living—where the boundaries between work and personal peace blurred into a lifestyle I had always longed for. My backyard became the haven I had dreamed of, a daily vacation that rejuvenated my spirit and healed my body.

And when I finally settled down near my chosen beach, I realized something so obvious yet profound. This perfect beach I’d been hunting for? The beach, any beach actually, is a chameleon—everchanging, with the tides, the time of day, the weather, the undercurrent.

Sea’s Embrace

Living beside the ocean, I came to understand its true nature—not just as a body of water, but as a living entity, a companion that shared its moods openly with me. Each day brought a new revelation, a new aspect of its character. There were mornings when the ocean was a mirror, so serene and placid that the sky seemed to bend down for a closer look, its surface a canvas of tranquility. Then, there were days when it was playful, its waves lapping at my feet with a gentle enthusiasm, whispering secrets of the deep.

But the ocean’s moods were not confined to calmness or playfulness alone. It showed its fury and its depth, its surface churning with waves that crashed onto the shore with relentless energy, embodying the raw power of nature unleashed. On these days, the ocean was a reminder of the world’s vastness and my place within it—a humbling, exhilarating realization.

It was in these moments, standing at the edge of this ever-changing expanse, that I felt a deep connection to the rhythm of life itself. The ocean taught me about the ebb and flow of existence, the beauty of adaptability, and the strength found in facing each day’s challenges. Whether it presented itself as a tranquil haven or a tempestuous force, the ocean was a constant in its inconsistency, a lesson in embracing change.

The beach, too, reflected this variability. One day, it might be wide and welcoming, its sands stretching far into the distance, and the next, it could be narrow, reshaped overnight by the tides. This ever-shifting landscape served as a canvas for the ocean’s moods, each grain of sand a testament to the fluidity and adaptability of nature.

Through my daily communion with the ocean, I could see clearly that just like the sea, our lives are in perpetual motion, changing with the tides of circumstance and choice. Embracing this constant state of flux, I found a profound sense of peace and resilience. Each day with the ocean reminds me to appreciate the depth and breadth of life, embracing its rhythms with humility and a heart full of gratitude.


This beach taught me something vital about life. It’s never static. The very essence of existence is change. Those mornings when I’d step out to find the ocean mirroring the sky, or the evenings when the sunset turned the water into a canvas of colors—I realized that no two days are the same. The beach was alive, always in a state of becoming, just like us.

You know how we wake up in the same bed, brew coffee from the same old machine, and fall into the routine of our lives, often mumbling “same old, same old” when asked how we’re doing. But if you stop and really look, nothing’s the same. The air has a different scent each morning; the birds sing as if they’ve learned a new tune overnight. And us? We’re not the same people we were yesterday. We’re constantly evolving, shaped by our experiences, learning, growing—whether we acknowledge it or not.

I stopped waiting for someone to ask me how I was doing. Instead, I began each day by asking myself that question. “How am I doing today?” It’s a practice of mindfulness, of tuning in to the subtle shifts within and around us. Some mornings I wake up ready to conquer the world; on others, I’m just grateful to make it to my coffee mug. But each day holds the promise of something new, something unseen.

So, this story of mine, it’s not just about finding a new place to call home. It’s a reminder to myself and maybe to you, too, that life, like the ocean, is ever-changing, ever-surprising. And in this constant flow of change, we have the chance to rediscover ourselves, to embrace the newness of each day, and to truly live in the richness of every moment.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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