Sorry, this poem just happens to be quite sarcastic. I’m blaming it on the anti-viral meds I’m currently taking. Well, that’s how it went… Here it is:

I Thought You Knew How Shingles Feel

Oh, I assumed you were well-versed in the art of shingles’ embrace,
a surprise, really, given your vast expanse of empathy’s space.
Did you not feel the sear of each fiery hug, each tender kiss?
Forgive my oversight; such experiences are yours to miss.
With the wisdom of a sage, you nodded, understanding clear,
yet, the grimace of my pain seemed to never quite appear.
A marvel, truly, how you grasp the sting, unseen, unfelt,
a silent symphony of agony, deftly dealt.
“I thought you knew,” I mused, as your brow furrowed in thought,
a dance of confusion, lessons unlearned, empathy unbought.
The pang of each blister, a mystery novel unread,
a story of fire, you skimmed the blurb, but never the thread.
Your words, a balm, so soothing, so blindly applied,
offered with a smile, as my own grimaces I tried to hide.
“Get well soon,” you chirped, with the cheer of one untouched,
by the blisters of a firestorm, in empathy’s clutch.
Oh, how I marveled at your untouched skin, so pristine, so neat,
an untouched canvas, ignorant of shingles’ scorching heat.
I thought you knew, but alas, it seems I thought amiss,
in the world of pain and fire, ignorance is bliss.
Here I stand, a testament to what you’ve never felt,
a living lesson in the pain that never quite melts.
But worry not, in your untouched wisdom, you’re excused,
from the ranks of those by shingles’ fiery embrace, abused.

(2024, © Julia Delaney)

I Thought You Knew How Shingles Feel

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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