At the end of the day, we’re all Human – and in a world that can be so divisive, it’s more important than ever to seek out the things that bring us together. That’s why empathy and compassion are so crucial. When we take the time to truly understand each other and see the beauty in every individual, we create a more connected and compassionate world.

Finding Beauty in Every Human

Hey there! I’m so excited to share my poem with you today. It’s a story that’s close to my heart, about a girl who had a strange curiosity for life and a desire to understand the human heart.

You see, I’ve always been fascinated by people – the way they think, feel, and act. It’s like we’re all these walking, talking mysteries that we’re all trying to figure out. And sometimes, it can feel like we’re all speaking different languages.

It’s a story of a girl who dared to seek understanding and empathy, even when it was painful and difficult. She accepted a gift that allowed her to feel the joy and pain of every soul she encountered, and through it all, she found the beauty in every human inside.

After reading this poem, one of my friends said, “It’s the message that’s so important, especially today. We need more empathy, more understanding, and more compassion. We need to be willing to step into each other’s shoes and see the world through each other’s eyes.”

Julia Delaney

And yet, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, it can feel like we’re swimming against the tide, like we’re the only ones who really care about what’s going on in other people’s hearts. But that’s why I’m sharing this – to remind myself and others that we can make a difference, that we can be the change we want to see in the world.

So I hope this poem resonates with you in one way or another. Let it be a reminder that there is some beauty in every human, that there is strength in empathy, that there is hope in understanding.

And most of all, let it be a reminder that we are not alone. We are all in this together, trying to make sense of this strange and magical world we live in.

And So She Lived

There was a quiet girl, 
ordinary but a little weird,
her heart was pure and mind quite clear;
She had a strange curiosity for life,
and a desire to see beyond the strife.
She believed in fairy tales and magic,
in the eyes of her mind she wove
her own stories, heroes, and quests,
with an imagination that never took a rest.
One night, fairies came to her in a dream,
with offers of beauty, wealth, and love, 
or so it seems,
but the girl declined, with a steadfast wil,l
as she longed for something different still.
She wished to understand the human heart,
to know why they lied, 
and what set them apart,
to see the world through their eyes and soul,
to grasp the essence of life as a whole.
The fairies warned her of the pain ahead,
of feeling the loss and love, joy and disdain,
of feeling the killers’ joy and the mother’s dread,
but the girl was brave, with a curious mind
she accepted the gift, 
this one… 
one of a kind.
Through dark and heavy storms, she felt the weight
of every heart she touched, 
both love and hate,
and though ever-present and deep was the pain,
she never wavered, always remained.
She knew very well that in the darkest of nights
the stars would shine, 
guiding her through to the other side,
and though the journey was fraught with danger,
she found the strength to adapt,
and overcome the fears that tried to entrap,
In her heart, she held a bright flame,
a ray of hope, 
a light without shame,
and though the world may seem dark and cruel,
she knew that love was her fuel.
And so she lived, 
a girl with a powerful gift,
a power that could make the spirits lift,
In her world, 
differences were but a part
of the magic 
that beat within each and every heart.
She lived her life with an open mind,
seeing beauty in all, as a wondrous art,
in her understanding of the human soul,
she saw the world as a beautiful whole.
And in this strange and magical world, we live,
it takes a little weirdness to truly give,
to understand the truths that we all hide,
and see the beauty in every human inside.

(2018, © Julia Delaney)

There was a quiet girl, ordinary but a little weird
seeking joy

So let’s be kind, let’s be compassionate, and let’s always seek to understand the human heart.

And here is the meditation I can offer to help us get there. “Just Like You” is a guided meditation that helps us feel more connected and less alone, and who knows, It might even lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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