“A handful of soil,
as simple as it can be,
yet within its grains a universe I see.
I touch it,
feeling the cycle that connects me to this place,
born from the earth, to the earth, I trace.”

From Soil to Soul

There’s a remarkable sanctuary, where the echoes of bygone days and the dreams of tomorrow dance within the heart of the earth. This isn’t a mystical far-off place or a secret enclave hidden from the world, but an intimate corner, my very own backyard. In the quiet aftermath of loss, my heart finds solace here, basking in the gentle rhythm of nature, replacing the weight of sorrow with the soothing hum of life unfolding.

A handful of soil — it’s as mundane as it gets, isn’t it? And yet, within its crumbled richness, there exists a universe of life, teeming and pulsing. There’s a truth to it, one that calls out to our primal selves. Touch it, let the grains fall through your fingers… I am a part of this grand cycle, born of earth, destined to return to it.

There’s a healing quality to it, a soft surrendering. When I bend, it’s as though I’m bowing down to the earth, and the earth responds by opening up, providing a comforting, nurturing feeling in return. The act of gardening is as gentle as a lullaby and as grounding as a mother’s embrace. In that moment, I’m not just a gardener, but a child… a child of the earth, playing with the elements, tracing the rhythm of life.

I plant a seed, and with it, I let a part of my pain go. I’m giving it an opportunity to transform… transform into something vibrant and beautiful. A seed… It’s a small thing, seemingly insignificant, a capsule of possibility in the palm of my hand… But it’s more than just a seed. It’s an act of faith, a quiet promise whispered to the winds. It’s a testament to the endurance of life, a metaphor of resilience, embodying the journey from the depth of darkness to light.

The soil embraces my offering, a solemn pact between me and the world. The whispers of the earth — a rustle in the leaves, the cawing of a distant crow — they are the choir of life, a reassuring chorus that I’m not alone.

As the days roll by, the seedling within the soil begins its way cradled within the womb of the earth. It’s not a flight from gloom, but a dance of life within a warm, comforting sanctuary. The soil is not a place of exile but a haven of nurturing safety, moist and alive, pulsing with the rhythm of existence.

Within this nurturing darkness, the seedling unravels, a testament to trust and transformation. It is here, in the heart of the earth, that the seedling understands the first stirrings of growth, the initial whispers of life. The darkness is not an adversary to be overcome, but an ally, a teacher, a tender cradle that holds and nurtures the seedling until it is strong enough to seek the light.

Roots reach deeper into the earth, tethering the plant to its nurturing source. They don’t seek to escape; they seek to connect, to draw strength and sustenance, even as the seedling above stretches towards the sun. The roots and shoots, each moving in their direction, remind us that growth is not just a way upward but a balancing act between the depths, the width, and the heights, between the embrace of darkness and the call of the light.

Just as the seedling embraces both earth and sky, we too, find ourselves navigating the interplay of darkness and light within our lives. The earth, in its gentle wisdom, teaches me to find comfort in the darkness, to trust in its nurturing presence, just as we yearn for the brightness of the day. In the seedling’s growth, I see mirrored my own resilience, my capacity to find balance, to grow through and with our darkness, reaching ever towards the light.

Embracing the darkness is not a retreat from life but an affirmation of it. It is an acknowledgment that even in the darkest of soils, in the heart of our grief and loss, life persists, and hope germinates. Just as the seed trusts the darkness to nurture its growth, we too can learn to trust in our ability to transform our pain, to bloom from our losses, to reach out from our comforting darkness, towards the light of healing and growth.

In the tender act of caring for another life, I inadvertently find a pathway for my healing. As you nurture the seedling, you find yourself being nurtured. Each leaf that unfurls, each root that deepens, they are milestones in the process, markers of your resilience, reminders of your capability to heal.

And so, we continue. We water. We tend. We love. We lose. We grieve. We heal. We grow. All of it, intertwined in a dance as old as time. The garden is not just a place of growth, but a realm of recovery, a sanctuary for bruised hearts and weary souls.

“Soil to Soul,” isn’t it? It’s a gentle loop, a cycle of life that holds us in its tender rhythm. In the simple act of gardening, we find a poignant echo of our human experience — one of pain, loss, resilience, and, ultimately – healing. Amid the rows of seedlings, under the comforting shade of foliage, within the whispering winds and the silent hum of the earth, we find a mirror to our hearts, a testament to our ability to endure, to heal, and to grow.

Rhythmic Ties

In my backyard,
a sanctuary lies,
in the place between yesterday’s echoes
and where tomorrow’s dreams rise,
in the heart of the earth,
under open skies,
my soul finds solace,
in its tender, rhythmic ties.
A handful of soil, 
a universe so grand, 
teeming, pulsing, 
alive within my hand, 
a truth calls out, 
primal and raw, 
“I am the earth and the earth is my law.”
Garden’s lullaby is soothing, gentle, 
a grounding embrace is a moment sentimental, 
a seed planted – a piece of pain released, 
Life’s grand cycle, beautifully pieced.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)


Between Earth and Sky 

A seedling’s journey, 
humble and small, 
within the womb of the earth, 
it hears the call, 
a dance of life, 
a testament to trust, 
from the depth of comforting darkness, 
life is just.
Roots reach deep, 
shoots stretch high, 
a balanced dance 
between earth and sky;
darkness is not an adversary, 
but a loving cradle, 
a warm embrace, 
where life’s stories are able.
Charting through life, 
through loss and gain, 
finding comfort in darkness, 
amidst the pain, 
in the seedling’s growth, 
acceptance mirrored, 
a testament to our capacity, 
our spirits endeared.

(2017 © Julia Delaney)

A seedling's journey

From Soil to Soul

In caring for another life 
I see a path, 
a nurturing cycle, 
a gentle aftermath; 
each leaf unfurled, 
each root that deepens, 
a milestone in healing, 
as my heart sweetens.
Soil to Soul, 
a rhythm tender and old…
In this dance of life our story unfolds.
The garden, 
a sanctuary for the weary soul,
a testament to endurance, 
making me whole.
Pain, love, loss, resilience… 
a rhythmic flow, 
amid seedlings under the comforting shade, 
A mirror to our hearts, 
beautifully laid.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

soil to soul

A Handful of Soil

A sanctuary within the earth’s heart I found,
an intimate corner, a sacred ground,
in the quiet aftermath of my sorrow,
I learned how to dance
between yesterday and tomorrow.

A handful of soil,
as mundane as it seems,
holds within its grasp,
life’s intricate dreams,
a part of this cycle,
born of earth’s flesh,
destined to return…
in this truth, I dwell…

To this nurturing earth 
I bend and I bow,
a gardener, a child,
an intimate friend,
in the act of planting,
in the lullaby of leaves,
I fall into a healing rhythm,
in which Love beats.

Each seed I plant – a pain I let go;
in the palm of my hand,
hope begins to grow,
more than a seed,
a testament to life,
a spark of resilience
bursting through strife.

The soil embraces,
in the rhythm of the earth,
I find solace in strife.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

A handful of soil

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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