You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your phone, and everything just starts to blur together? It happens to me sometimes…. well, more often than I would like. You know, just me and my screen, in a room that feels a bit too quiet, feeling strangely disconnected… I’m there, but not really. Somewhere between reading a friend’s latest post and replying to a text, it hits me – we’re all just throwing words into the digital abyss, fingers crossed they make sense to someone.

It’s quite surreal, right? How we all type away, sharing bits of our lives. We laugh, we argue, we spill our hearts out. But what’s it all for? I mean, do we even know who’s on the other side? Are they nodding, laughing, rolling their eyes? It’s like we’re all shouting into a canyon, waiting to hear an echo.

Every now and then, a message pops up, and I’m left wondering, “Do they really get me?” Or is it just me, filling in the blanks, painting a picture of who I think they are? It’s this whole guessing game, a dance of maybe’s and what-if’s. Like a friend on Facebook once replied to me, ‘We say something to a friend or a stranger and we are stunned by their response. How did they read what I wrote and jump to that conclusion? We backpedal, trying to make them understand. We apologize for something we did not say. We know words have failed us…’

It’s not just me, right? We’ve all been there – staring at our screens, wondering if the person on the other end is as real as the words they’re typing. We’re all looking for something genuine, something that feels like a real human connection. But how often do we find it between battery-low warnings and the endless scroll?

So here is a little poem. It’s about all this stuff – the missed cues, the mixed signals, the real us that gets lost somewhere between sent and delivered. It’s about looking for something real in a world that’s becoming more virtual by the day.

Between Sent and Delivered

We type our thoughts in a digital stream,  
hoping our words show what we mean.  
But screens don’t catch the things unsaid,  
the heavy sighs, the silent dread.
In chats and posts, we try to share,  
but do they show how much we care?  
A ‘like’, a ‘share’, can’t really say,  
what’s in our hearts, day by day.
We type “I’m fine”, but inside we scream,  
longing for more than a digital dream.  
For a hand to hold, a face to see,  
in a world that’s real, not just make-believe.
When I type, I pause and think,  
can words alone link our hearts in sync?  
Let’s not forget, beyond the screen,  
there’s more to us, yet to be seen.

(2024, © Julia Delaney)

Julia with the phone

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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