Soothing Whispers

Lullaby for a Sorrowed Heart
In the still of despair, 
hear my whisper soft and low, 
through the darkness and the tumult, 
let these soothing currents flow. 
In the hush of my words, 
let your heart weave its nest, 
feel the rhythm, the tenderness, 
in the warmth of my heart, 
find your needed rest. 
A sound, nurturing, and tender, 
a soft, whispered song; 
in this melody of comfort, 
may your rest belong.

The pain that used to grip you,
a torment fierce and wild,
yet, listen to my whisper,
gentle as a child:

“I see you in your struggle,
I feel your aching soul,
In the silence of your sorrow,
you are not alone, you are whole.”

Let the calm seep in,
embracing it with every cell of your being,
let it cradle you in its gentle fold,
with the sound of solace,
let warmth unfold.

In this quiet moment,
hear the harmony we weave,
in the softness of this lullaby,
let healing be received.

Your tender heart, it pulses,
beats in a rhythm of Love, 
brave and ceaseless little drum, 
even in despair, it won’t succumb. 
Echoing with resilience, 
it sings your truth so clear, 
a lullaby of courage, 
a melody so dear.
Each beat is softly spoken, 
each pulse, a quiet might, 
holding onto this moment, 
a glimmer in the night.
Embrace the rhythm 
feel the comforting warmth, 
let the soothing words seep in, 
you’re not alone, my dear, 
I’m here and tranquility within.
Life weaves its blanket, 
soft threads intertwine, 
both dark and bright, 
in the pattern of your being, 
every thread holds light.
So, rest your eyes, sweetheart, 
feel my soothing touch, 
you are seen, 
you are heard, 
you are cherished,
I’m here to share your pain,
it’s not too much. 
Feel the caress of my words, 
let them sing you to sleep, 
in the music of their whispers, 
let healing seep.
Tomorrow will dawn anew, 
a fresh page yet to write, 
but now you flow through the depth of night,
softly into the morning light. 
In the hush of this moment, 
with the whisper of this rhyme, 
feel the soothing energy, 
healing in its prime.
Each word a gentle caress, 
each phrase a loving sign, 
embrace the peace that’s offered,
in your own sweet time.
Rest easy now, dear heart, 
for as long as you need, 
know that in every moment, 
love continues to seed.
In the dance of life’s rhythm, 
with each low, each high, 
know this, my love, 
you are brave, 
you can fly.
So rest in this quiet, 
under the moon’s tender light, 
cradled in love’s rhythm, 
and feel your spirit take flight

(2019 © Julia Delaney)


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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