By immersing yourself in any environment, you’ll be affected by it and you’ll also have an influence on your surroundings by bringing yourself into balance and letting go of your ego.

Dive into the world around you, And you'll be changed by its tide. But bring yourself into balance, And the world too will shift inside.

The Power of Balance

Dive into the world around 
and you’ll be carried by its tide,
but bring yourself into balance,
and the world too will shift inside.
Harmony with nature’s ways,
and letting go of ego’s reign
brings a flow that ripples out
invites a rhythm, 
a subtle dance, 
linking hearts in a collective expanse.
Immerse yourself in life,
let your spirit roam,
but find your balance, 
peace within,
and watch the world transform.

(2021, © Julia Delaney)

Carl Jung shared this story once, as given to him by Richard Wilhelm; now I’m passing it on by re-telling it. The relationship between our inner state and the reality we create is on full display in this true story. It’s a simple tale, but it has the power to change perspective. It was told as a true story, that much is clear, but whether it holds weight for you, only your heart can say.

The Rainmaker Story

Sometimes, the way things are going seems not to be right. Like when there’s a drought, and everything falls apart. That’s what happened in this Chinese province, Kiaochou. There was a terrible drought, and many people and animals suffered and died as a result. All the religious leaders tried to plead with their gods for help: the Catholics made processions, the Protestants prayed, and the Chinese fired off weapons to scare away the drought demons. But nothing was working. Eventually, in desperation, the locals called on the Rainmaker. A withered old man arrived from a faraway place and took up residence in a small cottage on the outskirts of town. He stayed there for three days and nights until it snowed on the fourth day – a time of year when snow was not expected.

Wilhelm, who was allowed to interview the Rainmaker, asked him how he made it snow. The old man replied that he didn’t make the snow – he wasn’t responsible for it. Wilhelm was perplexed and disappointed with this answer and pressed on, “So, what did you do for those three days?”

The old man said that he came from a place where everything was in harmony with nature, but here in Kiaochou, everything was out of balance. As a result, it took him three days to get back into harmony, and then the rain came naturally.

(Adapted from C.G. Jung)

By immersing yourself in any environment, you’ll be affected by it and you’ll also have an influence on your surroundings by bringing yourself into balance and letting go of your ego. When you align with the natural flow of things, you’ll release judgment and ego, and in harmony with everything around you, your impact will be strong and lasting. So dive into life, embrace every moment, and let go of judgment and ego. You’ll be calm and centered, a positive force in balance and harmony wherever you go.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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