There’s a surrender in the falling…
a quiet letting go,
not a calculated calling, 
but a river’s gentle flow.
I didn’t choose the falling, 
it came as the softest blow, 
just like a silent snowflakes’ calling, 
covering the world below.
There’s a mystery in the falling, 
a secret only the heart can know  
in the hush of moonlight’s calling, 
underneath the starlight’s glow.
There’s an immersion in the falling, 
where the deepest currents flow, 
Love, not a shallow sprawling, 
but an ocean deep below.
The falling… 
it’s not a journey, 
or a path we consciously sow; 
it’s more like a dance, silently swirling, 
a rhythm innate, as time continues to flow.
In falling, 
I touch my essence, 
in between the give and the take, 
the ebb and the flow,
in the heart’s tender epicenter, 
where love freely starts to grow.
So, here, 
in the truth of falling, 
where fears are laid low, 
In Love, 
I came to know…

(2019 © Julia Delaney)


Falling is about letting go, surrendering, and discovering that Love is not something we can lose but something we come to know…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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