“In the depths of awareness,
beauty resides,
in cherished moments,
where presence abides…

True beauty emanates from the soul’s depths, a radiant stream of love, kindness, and empathy. Beyond mere appearance, it shines from within, touching hearts and forging deep connections. Beauty isn’t measured by sight but felt in the soul, where authentic bonds form, and we find solace in each other’s presence. This inner beauty radiates warmth, creating a shared sense of belonging.

My craving for beauty is a longing for something more profound, a desire for the splendor within us all. Like a dance of stars, it moves within my very essence, freeing us from the mundane and guiding me towards a higher existence. I know that by embracing the present, we connect and become whole, fully experiencing the elusive yet ever-present beauty within. In the delicate balance of the eternal now, the promise of true beauty unfolds.

As we dance with the fleeting, we learn to nurture the beauty within, cultivating it into a flame that ignites our spirits and transforms our world.

Craving Beauty

In a world rendered grayscale,
my heart seeks the hues,
a palette of life that’s vibrant and true,
I ache for the whispers of beauty unseen,
in the dance of shadows,
where light dares to intervene.
A caress of petals,
a canvas stretched with skies,
the glimmer of fire in a lover’s eyes,
the rustle of leaves as they waltz with the breeze,
the patter of rain on oceans,
a sweet, fleeting tease.
Craving beauty, 
I wander through life’s twisted maze,
seeking the splendor that sets my soul ablaze,
a feast for my eyes,
a balm for my soul,
an eternal moment that renders me whole.
In the quiet of twilight,
at dawn’s gentle birth,
the wings of a butterfly,
fragile, yet resilient,
the sound of shared laughter,
the warmth of a hand,
in the threads of connection,
I feel and understand.
In the depths of awareness,
beauty resides,
in cherished moments, 
where presence abides,
embracing the Now,
we dance and are free,
connected and whole,
in this moment, we see.
I keep my eyes open,
watching the world, 
alive and aware,
embracing each detail,
letting my senses revive and declare.
Craving beauty…
I find it in life’s wondrous design,
a testament of love,
forever divine, 
forever mine.

(2017, © Julia Delaney)

Craving Beauty In the Threads of Connection

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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