“In the depths of awareness
Beauty resides
In cherished moments
Where our presence abides

Internal beauty emanates from the depths of our awareness, a luminescent stream of genuine love, kindness, and empathy. It transcends the superficiality of appearances, shining brightly from within, illuminating the hearts of those it touches. The true essence of beauty is not something that can be measured by the eyes, but rather it is perceived through the soul, where authentic connections are fostered and deep-rooted bonds are formed. It is in these cherished moments that we find solace in the presence of others, allowing our internal beauty to radiate and create a shared sense of belonging.

Craving beauty is an innate longing for the intangible, a yearning for the unbridled splendor that lies within each of us. Like a celestial dance, it swirls and twirls within our very being, unshackling our minds and souls from the mundane, guiding us toward an elevated plane of existence. As we embrace the present moment, we become connected and whole, allowing ourselves to fully experience the elusive yet ever-present beauty within. It is in this space that we find freedom, the delicate balance between the ephemeral and the eternal, where the promise of true beauty is revealed. As we dance with the ephemeral, we learn to cherish the beauty that resides within, cultivating it into a flame that ignites our spirits and transforms the world around us.

In the Threads of Connection

In a world of grayscale
My heart’s seeking hue 
A symphony of color that’s vibrant and true
I long for the whispers of beauty unseen  
In the dance of the shadows
Where light intervenes 
A brushstroke of petals
A canvas of skies
The flicker of fire in a lover’s eyes
The rustle of leaves as they tango with breeze
The mosaic of raindrops on oceans
Sweet tease
Craving beauty, I wander 
Through life’s winding maze
Seeking the splendor that sets my heart ablaze
A feast for my eyes
A balm for my soul
An infinite moment that renders us whole
In the silence of twilight
At the birth of the dawn
The wings of the butterfly
Fragile, yet strong
The echo of laughter
The touch of a hand
In the threads of connection
I feel and understand that
In the depths of awareness
Beauty resides
In cherished moments 
Where our presence abides
Embracing the Now
We dance and are free
Connected and whole
In this moment, we see
It dances and flickers, elusive and free
Yet forever it lingers, a promise to be
So I keep my eyes open
Seeing the world so alive
Embracing every detail
Letting my senses revive
Craving beauty
I find it in life’s grand design
A testament of love 
Forever divine, forever mine

(2017 © Julia Delaney)

Craving Beauty In the Threads of Connection

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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