Ever noticed how we go through life on autopilot, especially when it comes to our bodies? Like me, you might find yourself ignoring the incredible things it does for you every day—until it starts whispering (or yelling) in discomfort or pain. It’s odd, isn’t it? We live in these amazing biological machines, yet often we’re more in tune with our latest smartphone updates than with what’s happening under our own skin.

I caught myself the other day, pausing in the middle of a hectic schedule, suddenly aware of my breath. It was shallow, rushed, like I was trying to win a race against time itself. That moment of awareness was a wake-up call for me. How long had it been since you really listened to my body? Not just when something hurt or felt off, but truly listened?

You might have experienced something similar. Maybe in a quiet moment, you’ve felt your heartbeat, a steady drum reminding you of life’s continuous beat. Or perhaps you’ve noticed the tension in your shoulders after a long day, a silent testament to the burdens we carry. It’s quite amazing to me because it’s in these moments we’re given a glimpse, a subtle nudge from our bodies to pay attention, to tune in.

Listen Closely: Your Body is Speaking

Now, stepping back, I see it’s not just me, or you—it’s a societal thing. We’re collectively tuned out, disconnected from the very vessel that carries us through life. Why? Is that because no one taught us to listen, to truly engage with the miraculous nature of our physical selves?

But what if we did? Can you imagine a world where everyone understands the whispers of their bodies, where a headache isn’t just a signal to pop a pill, but a prompt to examine our stress, our environment, our hydration. This isn’t just individual health we’re talking about—it’s a cultural shift towards wellness, empathy, and connectedness.

And here’s where it gets really interesting—when you start listening to your body, you open a dialogue. This isn’t a monologue where the body dictates and you passively respond. It’s an interactive exchange, a give-and-take where you learn from each other. Your body might tell you it’s tired, and instead of pushing through, you pause, rest, or maybe change your activity. It’s not revolutionary; it’s quite simple yet very potent. Because through this dialogue, we can rediscover not just health, but joy, pleasure, and a profound connection to the living, breathing world. To me, it’s a journey worth taking, and it can start with a single, mindful step. A step into awareness, into compassion, into a shared experience that transcends the personal and touches on something universal.

Through discovering the language of our bodies, we can find a path to deeper understanding, connection, and well-being. Let’s start this dialogue, let’s truly listen, and let’s see where it takes us.


Body Scan Seated

Body Scan 20 min

Body Scan for Sleep

Exstanded Body Scan NSDR

PMR for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Body Scan  no music

Cautions: If you have experienced physical abuse or trauma in the past, it is not recommended to do this practice without a trained professional. Additionally, if you notice intense fear or other strong emotions related to a particular part of the body, please discontinue this practice.


Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia

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