Genuine Thrum of Love

I thought about Love today… Not just that butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of feeling, but the one that’s deep, bare-your-soul kind of love. The kind that’s about more than just you or me—it’s about us. And not just us, but everyone. That we’re all in this together, bound by this invisible thread of Love.

This Love… a love that goes beyond just feelings—more than a heart skipping a beat or a fleeting rush of warmth. It’s the kind of love that truly wishes for another’s well-being without expecting anything in return. Sounds grand, doesn’t it? Yet, we’ve all had a taste of this love in one way or another, in our unique experiences and connections.

When this love blossoms, it doesn’t recognize boundaries. It blurs the lines between ‘you’ and ‘I’, turning strangers into family, making the world a little smaller and a lot warmer. It’s a love that humbles us, that shows us we’re not so different after all.

This love, at its core, is the heartbeat of life. It’s the unseen force that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. When we love like this—when we let ourselves truly feel—we are being our most authentic selves. Unfiltered. Real. Raw. Honest.

Bare Hearts

In every heartbeat’s tender thrum, 
lies a narrative of love, 
from where we’ve come. 
Not a fleeting emotion, peddled or sold, 
but Love—it’s us, raw, unrefined, and whole.
is a symphony played on the strings of mankind, 
no score is kept, no debts to bind.
just a wish for your ease, 
no strings to unset.
It sees us intertwined, 
in this vast scheme,
as a single stroke 
in life’s vibrant dream.
is where the Ego melts like ice in the sun,
in love’s glow,
the illusion is undone, 
and ‘You’ and ‘I’,
once lines in the sand,
blur in the wash of love’s gentle hand.
It’s the pulse of our shared existence,
the constant hum in the background of persistence.
It’s not a spectacle, not a grand event,
but a quiet acceptance, in a gentle descent.
it’s no orchestrated dance, 
but the soul’s raw rhythm in its purest stance.
Love is not a chore, 
not a mask to wear,
but the authentic voice, 
that dares to bare.
So, Love, 
isn’t a rehearsed play,
it’s the sun’s warm kiss on a cold winter’s day.
Love is not a pretense, 
nor a practiced art,
but the sincere song, 
of a candid heart.

(2019 © Julia Delaney)


…and yet again, today, I thought about Love… Love isn’t just something we do, it’s what we are at our core. Love is as essential to us as breathing, and just as natural. Forgetting that, we might lose touch with a part of our humanity that’s truly worth cherishing…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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