In Lines of a Scribble

In lines of a scribble,
uncharted paths in the mind’s confined,
raw emotions etched,
a soul’s wild cry,
in ink-stained chaos,
truths that lie.
Through tangles and knots – a hidden lore,
words claw and scrape at the inner core,
each mark a wound; 
each word a scream,
a way through life’s fractured dream.
So let the pen bleed,
harsh and true,
unravel secrets,
old and new,
in scribbles wrest what lies inside,
a maelstrom in a soul’s wild tide.
Ragged lines,
a stark embrace,
an untamed dance in writing’s space,
uncharted realms in every scratch,
a life laid bare,
no strings attached.

(2005 © Julia Delaney)


Writing is not merely an academic skill or a talent reserved for the few. It’s a key to self-understanding, a bridge to empathy, a testament to our shared humanity. As we scribble, type, or whisper our truths, we are connected, not just to our inner selves but to each other, to the timeless dance of human emotion and expression. 

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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