Unscripted Connections

In unseen whispers,
heart to heart,
a dance of minds, 
a mystic art,
connections forged, 
unscripted, pure,
a knowing glance, 
an open door.
No rehearsed lines,
no planned embrace,
just raw intent, 
a shared space,
in eyes that speak, 
in hands that find,
unscripted links of soul and mind.

(2007 © Julia Delaney)


I found joy in the dance of words, in the rhythm they created, in the images they painted. They were not mere letters; they were colors, sounds, textures, all blending into vibrant pictures of life. They were my songs, my paintings, my expressions, my art.

Words Without Walls

Words without walls,
no boundaries hold,
unscripted connections,
brave and bold,
in the heart’s chambers,
in mind’s wide space,
a dance, a drift, a seamless embrace.

A word, a whisper, a look, a touch,
so little says so much.
No script, no plan, just raw and true,
a connection’s birth, pure and new.

Words are my colors,
thoughts are my brush,
in ink’s wild flow, a liberating rush;
No gates, no locks, just open sky,
a canvas unbounded,
where dreams can fly.

Language a river,
meandering free,
a path, a journey,
just you and me,
through valleys, through mountains, and over the sea,
unscripted, unwalled, wild and free.

(2007 © Julia Delaney)

Words without walls

In this fast-paced world, where feelings can be easily buried beneath the noise and chaos, the art of expressing ourselves through words retains its profound importance. Whether through the soft glide of a pen or the rhythmic tapping of keys, writing continues to be a refuge for many. A space where the unspoken finds a voice, where confusion meets clarity, and where the soul finds a canvas to paint its complexities.

Writing is not merely an academic skill or a talent reserved for the few. It’s a gentle tug, a longing to understand, to connect, to heal; it’s a delicate thread connecting our hearts, a testament to our shared humanity. As we scribble, type, or whisper our truths, we are connected, not just to our inner selves but to each other, through the timeless dance of human emotion and expression…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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