Often I find myself experiencing the feeling of being alone in a crowd, longing for silence and depth amidst the clamor and superficiality.

Craving Silence

In the heart of the carnival,
yet alone I dance,
I wear a halo of laughter,
but it’s just a glance.
people flock around me,
drawn to my radiant blaze,
in their eyes, I’m the sun,
in a relentless daze.

In the core of the clamor,
a ray I remain,
but my light feels like shadow,
my joy is more like pain.
Drowning in the shallow,
longing for the deep,
craving for the silence,
where no words seep.

They gather for the laughter, the stories, the zest,
but who will sit beside me in the quiet of my nest?
Who will share the silence,
where no words need to impress,
where true connections belong,
within the sound of the unsaid?

My light may shine for others,
my soul – an open door,
Yet within,
lies a longing for more.
More than just the surface,
more than the game,
in the silence and the depth,
a raw, wild, untamed flame.

In the space of chatter, an alien I stand,
longing for touch, not a hand.
In the bursts of laughter
my solitude hums,
In the speech of many
my silence comes.

So here I am,
the lively, the radiant, the bright,
Yet, in my world of many,
I seek a quiet night.
In the sea of conversation – 
a solitary island I find,
In the heart of the crowd – 
a lonely, beautiful mind.

It’s in the depth of silence,
in the heart of the darkest night,
I am a lone star shining
in my own infinite right.

(2019 © Julia Delaney)


This poem is a sensitive exploration of the experience of longing for depth, silence, and genuine connection in a world full of noise and surface interactions. I’m looking at the paradox of being surrounded by people and activities, yet feeling a deep sense of loneliness and longing for more.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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