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Almost dawn…
Still half-asleep among sheets,
tucked in bed.
A conversation happening…
in my head:
I love talking to you… 
It’s like flying through an absolutely untamed, unpredictable, freely flickering conversational space.
From the ocean’s pulse to the tea leaf’s steep,
words find their form with a natural sweep,
and stories spun, 
they’re so swift,
so easy… 
feels sweet…
do not quit, I just want to keep following…
keep tracing… 
the experience so deep…
For those who say love’s found in tears,
who dig through sorrow, year by year…
I’ve trodden that path, and this I know—
Love isn’t bound to the dark depths below.
It’s a myth that love rewards your scars, 
though, yes, 
it too lives where tears are stars.
So if you search the ocean for what’s freely in air,
just to discover love lives both here and there, 
Love’s not confined to tear-streaked goodbyes,
or the spark on the surface of playful eyes,
it’s in the scent of a midnight bloom,
and the silent corners of an empty room,
it’s in a laugh, 
a glance, 
a simple touch,
in quiet moments that say so much.
A chicken and an egg—a consequence and a beginning. 
Those consumed by suffering, 
dull their other feelings,
those attached to hurt—a feedback loop,
see their lives tinged in dark hue  
when the switch goes off as they realize 
how unbearably bitter became their blood streaming through veins, 
thrumming in their heart…
But it can be different, 
you know, 
and it’s why your tears so freely flow…
Because bathed in the light of your glowing smile, 
all is beautiful—mundane becomes divine.
please, why do we twist and twine, 
complicating matters all the time?
There are plenty of pathways to fleeting divine—
178 thousand ways for Joy to align,
and when those ways fade out, 
from the void, a new measuring system takes stage 
fueling our endless chase 
on the path we trace in this hectic maze 
searches for heroes, for skies to graze,
looking to be saviors in celestial sights, 
to scale new peaks, discover new lights,.. 
And this is fine…
This quest is fair, it’s not misplaced—
yet let’s not erase the need for a harbor,
for some breathing space.
The world smiles, squints through the clouds— 
peering at you with adoring eyes, 
recognizing the luminescence you are,
and the way you love…
so openly 
that it’s seemingly easy to destroy you with a single match, 
because it’s like leaving the gas tank open, 
knowing how easy it is for someone to throw the match into the blaze of an open heart…
A struck match, 
a burst of light—
yet you’ll see the flame only dances, nurtures, gives life.
even when touched by another’s spark,
it grows, spreads, dispelling the dark.
though it seems easy to destroy you,
in reality, 
your love’s blaze is what sees you through.
Because every act, every thought, every compassioned plea,
is not just possible but unstoppable because of this Love, 
you see…
within those who scream, you recognize children—
children wounded somewhere, somehow, by someone,
carrying invisible scars, carved by hands unknown…
you see… 
how they shield themselves in windowless rooms, 
so this virus of love can’t reach them… 
I remember…
I’ve been there… 
I know… 
the air there is still and musky…
hard to breathe…
So let’s get out,
go for a walk, 
let the fresh air fill your lungs once more 
so you can see…
It is allowed to be open, 
to be true,
it’s ok.
It feels good
to open up, 
to open your shoulders, open smile, open heart…
It is important to be genuine in suffering and pain, yet…
it feels good to be a sincere open glow 
in joy and happiness,
It seems like authenticity is missing in today’s artificial world, walling before our eyes, dividing, compartmentalizing, isolating….
But, the world can be warm, 
even if the skies are shut tight with lazy clouds… 
because there, below, 
everyone who carries a virus of the Sun, letting the glow out, 
sharing it, 
warming others around… 
and that’s how happiness comes and stays…
and that’s what we do…
Ok, enough lying in bed, time to get up,
what sleep are you talking about?…
the shivers all over your skin…
and there is no point in understanding something… or anything…
If only a sincere, genuine hug from the depth of my soul I could give you,
your soul would sing a song of a boundless sea all day,
or maybe a week, 
or maybe all three…
and I roll on my side…
Yet again, my core I touched…
and if I wouldn’t touch it, I think I would lose my mind, or myself for this matter… 
or maybe… 
I would find it… 

(08/28/2022, © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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