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Kissed By a Ray

Today, I woke up,
kissed by a ray of sun 
gently on my forehead…
I caught my breath,
creeping out from the night,
shaking off dreams heavy like lead…
Tears welled up,
a release from dread,
dropping onto life’s delicate thread as jewels,
each a precious reminder of the miracles that dawn brings,
an unspoken gratitude
that quiet morning reveals…
I tread into the backyard…
a warming brew comforts my hands…
the morning sun, my tender lover,
its golden kisses too grand…
Venturing deeper into the shadowed garden,
under the trees’ grandstand;
Life stirs within my heart,
calling to expand.
In the warm palm of my hand, a secret I hold—
a tiny, unassuming miracle,
a seed of a kind unknown.
I cradle it with tender zeal,
feeling the pulse of its life’s dormant rhythm,
an inclusive expansion, 
longs to be unsealed.
In my sorrow,
I cradle a seed with hope,
swirling it like a grain of sand,
knowing that it’s not an ending,
but a chance for life to make demand.
Just a speck,
yet a sparkle,
mighty seed holding life’s command,
releasing pain,
not forgotten,
but fertile in this land.
In the heart of the earth,
darkness tenderly holds my hand,
nurturing growth,
where once only grief dared to stand.
Each day is a gift,
each moment is life,
beautifully unplanned 
in this infinite moment of being,
I am…

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Kissed by a Ray

Today, I woke up, kissed by a ray of sun gently on my forehead…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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