We are not fixed entities, not statues in a gallery or patterns in a work of art. We are living soil, teeming with potential, longing for connection, seeking nourishment from the roots of understanding and compassion. We are seeds, blossoms, and decay, all in one garden.

Our paths are not parallel lines, nor do they weave into predictable designs. They cross, diverge, intertwine in unexpected ways, creating a landscape of relationships that is wild, organic, and beautifully imperfect.

You and I, we are not merely travelers on a shared path but cultivators of our inner selves. And maybe,  our tools are not just wisdom, guidance, or support, but the raw experiences of joy and sorrow, triumph and failure, love and loss. It’s in our bare hands, our aching backs, and our honest sweat that we find the true bonds of human connection.

In our authenticity, we find more than solace and healing. We find growth, transformation, a flourishing that cannot be contained within the neat borders of language or metaphor.

Every one of us is a unique and irreplaceable gem, a beautiful mosaic of experiences, dreams, and aspirations

I embrace the abstract and the tangible, the metaphorical and the real. I walk in the mud of my existence, I feel the sun on my face, and the rain in our hair. We can be the warmth in each other’s winter, the shade in each other’s summer.

We are more than words, more than concepts. We are flesh and bone, heart and soul, interdependent, interconnected, in a never-ending dance of life. Let’s not just tread this path together but create it, with our laughter, our tears, our silence, our presence.

In the garden of being, there are no stars, no lanterns, no threads or fabrics. There is only us, the earth, the sky, and everything in between. Together, we grow, not towards a preordained destiny but towards each other, towards our shared humanity, towards the very essence of what it means to be alive.

Bound by Love

In every heart, a spark, a flame,
a dance of dreams, no path the same,
We reach for love, for touch, for grace,
in shared humanity, each heart has a place.
With threads of life our tales we weave,
into a boundless fabric, 
our truths conceived, 
in varied hues and shades, 
yet bound as one, 
by Love and compassion, 
we come undone.
Together we wander, seeking our core,
kindred flames, 
igniting each other paths we explore,
with hearts wide open, 
our walls we dissolve,
in understanding and unity, 
we evolve.
Life’s song calls, 
the beauty of prismatic dance,
its rhythm my guide,
this dance we share, 
nowhere to hide,
the depth of shared existence, 
so rich, 
so true,
we find our strength renewed.

(2018, © Julia Delaney)

Every one of us is a unique and irreplaceable gem, a beautiful mosaic of experiences, dreams, and aspirations

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Feel More Connected and Less Alone 💞



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