For sure, you experienced how magical the simple things can be. Like when the sun hits the morning dew just so, and it’s like the world is covered in tiny diamonds. Or when you hear a child laugh so innocently, it’s hard not to get along with them. They might not be grand or earth-shattering, but they’re ours to cherish.

Sweet Moment of Living

Sunrise kisses upon morning dew,
a baby’s laughter, so sweet and true, 
a soft breeze whispering through the trees,
the scent of flowers on a gentle breeze,
a steaming cup of fragrant tea,
an unexpected call from a lost good friend,
the crunch of leaves beneath my feet,
a favorite song that makes my heart beat,
a cozy blanket on a winter’s night,
the sky painted with stars so ever bright,
a shared meal with those I hold dear,
the rustling pages of an old book I revere,
a long walk in nature’s warm embrace,
the glow of the sunset’s radiant grace,
the wagging tail of my sweet fluffy dog,
the calming rhythm of a crackling fireside log,
the scent of cinnamon apple pie,
a soothing aroma that lifts me high,
a genuine smile shared with grace,
a tender moment that lights up a face,
the warmth of sand between my toes,
the salty breath of ocean’s whispers,
the way gentle breeze that caresses my skin,
as birds serenade with love songs
that makes me glisten…
The simple joys that make my heart content,
as life’s magic unfolds and beauty descends,
these moments are treasures, 
too often dismissed,
all wrapped together as one precious gift.
This moment is all that I have
and all that is
for me to cherish 
here and now,
as I embrace every heartbeat,
each laughter and tear,
because in this wonder
true magic appears.

(2017 © Julia Delaney)

Sunrise kisses upon morning dew

The here and now is the only space where life truly unfolds. It’s when we immerse ourselves in the present that we can fully connect with the world and our own experiences. This very moment is the only opportunity we have to take action, to grow, to heal, and to truly embrace life and love. Life is a moment.

Sweet Moment of Living

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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