This Sh*t is Good Forever

“This sh*t is good forever,” he proclaimed
as he shuffled through the supermarket game.
Aisle to aisle, with cans in tow,
preserved perfection, a long-lasting show.
Yet, beneath the seal and the sterile gleam
lies a truth, silent, like a forgotten dream.
For all its convenience, its timeless grace,
can it ever hold a candle to a homemade embrace?
In the warmth of a kitchen, where love stirs the pot,
where flavors meld in a sacred, hallowed spot.
No barcode can capture, no expiry mar,
the essence of meals made under a home’s guiding star.
We jest about longevity, “This can will outlive us all!”
Yet, in a homemade dish, we find connections, deep and raw.
Because what is missing in each canned delight,
is the touch of a hand, in the soft evening light.
Here’s to the canned goods, in their eternal rest,
may they serve us well, in our hurried quest.
But let’s not forget, as we sit down to dine,
the fleeting magic of a meal genuinely divine.

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

This Sh*t is Good Forever

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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