The Essence of Now


In the restless pursuit of meaning, I often found myself caught in the unyielding cyclone of existence, racing toward the horizon, chasing dreams that felt just beyond my grasp. Yet, in the swirl of this endless quest, I’d often overlook subtle whispers of wisdom—gentle nudges suggesting that maybe the treasure we seek isn’t tucked away in some distant realm but right here, woven into the very fabric of our existence.

I wrote the following poem to commemorate an amazing experience that happened the day after I was diagnosed with cancer. This poem is my testament to the boundless beauty that unfolds when we accept and surrender to what is—to the present moment.

You can take it as an invitation to step away from the ceaseless cacophony of thoughts and to immerse in the quietude that exists at the very core of our being.


my rendition of ‘Unbound’:

From my AudioBook “Through Grief’s Tender Heart”

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Unexpected and pure 
a moment unveiled,
all identities stripped of me,
as my world got derailed;
With open eyes 
I witnessed my self dissolve,
all were there in its shining glory—
but my body no more…
In the realm of the senses, 
I was unbound,
lost in the beauty of life’s vibrant sound,
time’s tether slipped,
in that moment, I melded as one
with the breeze and the trees
and the warm morning sun.
No past or future, but only the now,
a seamless connection so deep and profound,
all barriers melted in a dance so divine,
I was one with creation, 
immersed in the sublime.
Rooted and present—no ground beneath
I felt the universal love 
as a tender wreath
all around me, 
I saw the intricate weave
of life’s vivid fabric, 
a wonder to conceive…
No pursuit, no seeking,
just the grace 
born of suffering 
my heart had to embrace;
It opened up the moment, 
an eternal dance,
a world unveiled a sight profound,
within life’s breadth, 
boundless Love was found.

(2015 © Julia Delaney)


What if, instead of pursuing, we allowed ourselves to simply be? To relinquish the relentless quest for more, and instead, to turn our gaze inward, towards the radiant landscape of our souls? To recognize that the answers we seek, the profound truths that we yearn to uncover, are already woven into the very essence of our being?

For it is in the stillness of our own souls that we uncover the essence of who we are, and it is there, in the quiet recesses of our hearts, that we find the key to unlocking the infinite wonders of the universe.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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