Breathing Life

Whenever I felt the weight of the world heavy on my shoulders, pressing me down into an unfathomable depth, I discovered solace in the simplest of acts: just breathing. Taking those moments to pause, to truly feel the breath coming in and out, the rhythmic rise and fall of my chest…these became my anchor points, bringing me back into the present.

I introduced a regular practice of meditation into my daily routine. Each deep, intentional breath seems to blow on that tiny flicker of happiness still living within me, causing it to glow just a little brighter each day.
I’m well aware that meditation doesn’t come naturally to some. But with patience and consistency, many people find a deep calm within, just like me.

For the seekers of inner peace, just like a novice painter or an untrained musician, it starts with understanding the instrument at hand. Our breath, our consciousness, is this instrument – seemingly simple, yet astoundingly profound.

The rhythm of breath becomes a silent symphony, resonating with the pulse of life itself. Each inhale brings a wave of fresh energy, rejuvenating the soul, washing over our internal landscape. Each exhale is a release, an opportunity to let go of tension, to dispel clouds of anxiety, to surrender the heaviness that burdens us.

It’s in these pauses, these spaces between breaths, that the magic of meditation unfolds. Here, we come face to face with our most authentic selves, unadorned by the trappings of external validation or societal expectations. Here, we find silence and in that silence, we unearth our inner wisdom.

In this quiet sanctuary of breath, I find a solace that’s not a mere escape, but a homecoming. I return to our essential nature, untroubled, unhurried, and unfettered. And it’s in this return that the spark of happiness grows brighter, warmer, turning into a comforting flame that illuminates our inner world.

By tending to this flame through regular practice, we cultivate resilience. We learn to weather storms with grace, to dance with uncertainty, and to embrace the beautiful impermanence of life. This way into the self, guided by the rhythm of my breath, reminds me that tranquility is not a distant goal, but a state of being accessible in the here and now.

Meditation doesn’t promise an escape from life’s challenges. Instead, it offers a lens to view them with clarity and courage. It equips us with the strength to navigate life’s maze, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and hurdles into opportunities for growth.

In Plain Sighs

Beneath my nose,
a secret lies, 
wisdom so profound, 
hidden in plain sight. 
In each inhale, 
each gentle sigh, 
an endless rhythm beneath the sky.
A gift so simple, so mundane, 
yet, it’s power is anything but plain. 
In every moment, 
in every scene, 
the breath is king, 
yet rarely seen.
My constant companion, 
day and night, 
dismissed, unseen, unfelt, 
yet holds me tight. 
Its rhythm humming a simple song, 
in its simplicity, I belong.
A wisdom there, 
right under my snout, 
it’s always there, without a doubt. 
Yet it’s a treasure I have to ‘earn’, 
in each breath, 
life’s secrets I learn.
So, I inhale… 
and let it be.. 
In this dance, I’m free. 
The wisdom of breath, 
so close, so near, 
in its silence, 
life becomes crystal clear.
So, I celebrate this universal joke, 
in each breath I let my heart soak. 
In this rhythm, let’s immerse, 
Life’s wisdom is in each verse, 
a truth so clear, 
yet often overlooked, 
found right beneath our very nose.

(2016 © Julia Delaney)

Beneath my nose, a secret lies

Breathing Life

In the quiet cradle of each breath, 
life and death are interwoven in depth; 
an eternal cycle, so grand, 
that whispers tales of countless sand;
an intimate exchange, 
yet vast and deep, 
that unfolds in the silence 
where I steep.
exist in the Now, 
in the seen and unseen’s vow. 
In each breath, 
truths unmask, 
each breath is a dance with life, 
a dance with death.
Each inhale – a new beginning,
Each exhale – a cycle spinning.
In this dance, the world takes flight,
in the day and in the night.
In breath, 
I find the key to being,
a world within, 
constantly freeing.
The rise and fall, 
the give and take,
In each breath, 
a new world awake.
Breathing life, 
I meet my soul,
in this rhythm, I am whole.
Each breath a whisper, 
a secret told,
In the heart of life, I take hold.
So, I breathe in, 
and then breathe out,
In this dance, there is no doubt.
Life is breath and breath is life,
In this rhythm, there is no strife.

(2017 © Julia Delaney)

Navigating the Silence: The Power of Breath

Boundless Ties

Just as a baby, through the cord, 
to its mother is tied, 
we’re bound to existence through breath, 
our guide, 
an anchor within, 
to which we can always return, 
in the rhythm of life, 
this wisdom we earn.
In the hush of stillness, 
after exhale’s end, 
Life’s wounds, 
in silence, 
begins to mend. 
A moment of quiet, 
a pause in time, 
capturing the rhythm of life, 
beneath the skin.
Each pause is an unspoken verse, 
an infinite space in the blink of a sigh. 
In the silence between the rise and fall, 
Lies the secret that unifies us all.
Beyond the clamor of thoughts that stray, 
in the stillness, truth finds its way. 
A whisper of peace, 
a sigh of release, 
In the quiet, 
I find my peace.
In this space I am free, 
unbound by time, 
in unity. 
Each pause, 
a gateway vast,
anchoring me in the present, 
where time abundantly lasts.
In my breath, 
I found a life that outlasts death. 
The ebb and flow is a silent song, 
in which rhythm, I belong.
Each breath,
a bridge between you and me, 
a connection deeper than language’s reach. 
Just as an infant, bound by the cord,
finds its existence in a mother’s word, 
we, too, are tied to the vast universe, 
through breath, 
our eternal verse.
In the rhythm of breath, 
so subtle, so sweet, 
in the grandeur of life, 
like mother and child, 
we all meet. 
In this dance,
we are one, 
in the cycle of the stars, 
the moon, the sun.
In the pause, 
in the quiet hum, 
I discover that I am, 
we are, 
all is one. 

(2016 © Julia Delaney)

Infinite Bounds

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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