“Broken bits of me assemble
in a new design
A testament of endurance,
of strength that’s truly mine”

Julia Delaney

Scars into Stars: The Transformative Power of Pain

Pain, the uninvited guest, often shows up at our doorstep in the darkest hours, bringing with it a cascade of emotions, a tornado of despair. Its presence is unwelcome, its message is seemingly destructive. But within its harsh whispers, there lies hidden a sage’s wisdom, a teacher’s lesson.

Pain…. I want it to go away, yet I understand that pain, in its purest form, is not a malevolent enemy, but a mirror reflecting back to me parts of myself that need care and healing. It nudges me, pulls me, sometimes even drags me into the deepest recesses of my being. It forces me to confront my vulnerabilities, my fears, my past, my reality…

When pain’s knock echoes through the hallways of our existence, we have a choice. We can try to drown its calls in distractions, or we can bravely open the door, face it, let it in, sit with it, listen to it… And this is no easy task; it demands courage, resilience, patience. But in this daring act of embracing, in this profound acceptance, we have a chance to find the seeds of transformation.

The heartache that once felt unbearable starts to morph into strength within you; the grief that seemed everlasting becomes a wellspring of compassion. The shattered pieces of your soul start to form a mosaic of courage, wisdom, and love. You rise not despite your pain but because of it.

As we step into the light, unburdened yet stronger, we might even realize that pain wasn’t an adversary but an ally. It was the chisel that sculpted us, the fire that tempered us, the darkness that made us long for the light. In its stark reality, pain carves deep, yet it’s in these hollows that we often find our depth, our humanity, our true self.

And just like that, you move forward… forever changed, ever-growing. Pain has etched its story in your heart, but it is you who hold the pen. We carry with us not just the memory of our suffering, but the knowledge of our strength, the proof of our resilience, and the promise of new beginnings.

Life is a dance, they say, and pain is a step within. It is a heavy step, but one that shapes us in ways no joy ever could. So, I dance, weaving through my pain, spinning with my growth, twirling towards a destination unknown. With every beat, with every breath, I am more. I am alive. I am human.

When Pain Slinks In

At midnight’s edge, 
pain slinks in, 
an unexpected guest,
uninvited, unasked, 
it settles in my chest…
Not a demon, 
nor a villain in the silent night,
instead—a brutal teacher, 
shrouded in moonlight.
Pain is a mirror, 
revealing all I’ve lost,
dragging me relentlessly, 
no matter what the cost,
pulling me into darkened corners 
where my secrets lie,
where truth with fear and memory, 
in tangled shadows tie.
Pain knocks, 
a steady rhythm, reverberating loud,
and I’m left with a choice under its thundercloud:
do I drown its relentless drumming, 
or let its truth seep in?
An act of courage, 
a challenge where transformation might begin…
once a gaping wound, morphs into a scar;
once a salty tide, now a northern star.
Broken bits of me assemble in a new design,
a testament of endurance, 
of strength that’s truly mine.
I rise, 
not despite, 
but because of this aching pain—
the artist of my soul,
a masterpiece in making,
in its ruthless honesty, 
pain sculpts, carves, creates,
within this raw and hollowed space, 
my true self resonates…
With the dawn, 
I step into the light, 
with a load that’s lighter,
carrying not just my scars, 
but the grace of acceptance…
and in this light I see
my daunting adversary, 
now an unlikely guide;
its story is written on my skin, 
but I am the one 
who holds the pen within.
Life is a dance, 
pain a step within, 
heavy yet profound,
shaping me in ways that joy could never surround.
And so I dance on,
twirling with pain,
spinning with growth, not in vain,
in each ticking second,
with every pulsing beat,
with every fleeting breath,
I imbibe life’s ceaselessly vivid,
palpable heat.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Pain: The Uninvited Guest

Pure Pain, Raw and True

pure, raw and true, 
no malevolent foe,
but a mirror, 
a reflection of healing
I must undergo.
Nudges, pulls,
drags me into depth unseen,
forcing a confrontation with realities
I’ve always been in.
It seems so destructive, 
its whispers harsh yet wise,
hidden within a sage’s lesson in disguise.
Resounding through existence, 
a knock from pain echoes deep;
Choices arise: 
distractions or lessons that make me weep.
Embracing it requires courage, resilience, 
and patience to withstand;
but in acceptance, 
lies the chance for transformation’s hand.
that once seemed too heavy to bear,
transforms into strength, 
a resource so rare.
once a constant shadow, 
now turned in a wellspring deep,
feeds a shield of compassion for me to keep.
Scattered shards of my soul, 
once dispersed far and wide,
Now converge and unite, 
sitting close side by side.
From these pieces a mosaic forms 
in acceptance’s embrace,
a testament to courage, wisdom, and love, 
adorning Life’s vast space
Pain’s harsh touch, 
a forge in life’s stark reality.
In struggle I find an ally, 
kindled by our duality.
Carving trenches deep 
in the bedrock of my being,
within these cavernous depths, 
my true self starts freeing.

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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