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I hope they nest. I hope they nest. I hope they nest.

Today was another rough night in Kyiv (Ukraine), but the crow is still there… Well, [...]

Being Human

It is incredible to witness how the World is uniting before our eyes. I’m not [...]

The Blossoming Soul: Deception, Resilience, and the Unfolding of Inner Truth and Self Discovery

Like the flowers in the garden, we must root ourselves in the soil of our [...]

What is Mindfulness? A Frank Conversation

The Seed of Mindfulness Imagine yourself as a skilled gardener, nurturing a small seed nestled [...]

The Beauty of Aging: Embracing the Changes and Celebrating Life

I’m not anti-aging, I’m not pro-aging, I’m aging. (well, my body is aging, to be [...]

Why should I suffer?

After years of yoga and meditation and everything I’ve been through, I thought -“I got [...]


When the Mirror Speaks: Uncovering Hidden Truths in Our Reactions

By sharing my experiences and opening up about the beauty and strength I’ve found in [...]

Triggered – Self Control vs. Self Awareness

The mistakes we make are invaluable, especially when it comes to navigating through life. They [...]

Story time: I have a Stone in my head – life update

Story time vlog! Life update on a stone in my head 🤪 and my real [...]

After They’re Gone: A Way Through Grief

Grief… it can feel like awakening to a world robbed of its hues, the bright [...]

From Soil to Soul: Embracing Growth Amidst Loss

From Soil to Soul There’s a remarkable sanctuary, where the echoes of bygone days and [...]

Denial: the silent dance of unending beginning

Finding myself in the thick of denial in the mids of grief, I felt like [...]

Grief: Strength Beneath the Rubble

Strength Beneath the Rubble You know, when it felt like my world was crumbling around [...]

Grief: In The Heartland of Love

In The Heartland of Love In the heartland of Love,I crafted my dreams,Cityscapes of hope,stitched [...]

Navigating the Depths of Grief and Sorrow

I have no words to soothe your pain. All I can offer is a space [...]

Luminous Threads and Connected Souls

We are not fixed entities, not statues in a gallery or patterns in a work [...]

Mindfulness and Therapeutic Mindfulness: What You Need to Know

Mindfulness and therapeutic mindfulness are topics that have gained much attention in recent years, and [...]

EMPTY to EMPOWERED: How I Overcame Emptiness to Recharge and Rejuvenate

If you’ve ever felt empty and depleted, you’re not alone. In this video, I share [...]


Mindful Living: From Practice to Transformation

Forms of Mindfulness Practice Have you heard of mindfulness, but not sure what it is [...]

On the Edge of a World Unknown

Life pulses, flows, and shifts around us. In the swirl of obligations, expectations, and ceaseless [...]