Grief’s Deception: The Unending Breath of Love

Grief has this one sneaky way of settling in. You know, that quiet whisper that winds its way into your thoughts, a whisper that slinks around in your mind, hinting that if you stop feeling this pain, if you let go of your grief, you’re letting go of the person who isn’t here anymore. It’s almost as if you believe that to stop mourning is equal to forgetting and that forgetting implies the love is lost or wasn’t real.

It’s a little like trying to hold onto wisps of a dream, a dream that was once so alive and real. You’re standing amidst the echo of an illusion, picking up the pieces of a life you thought was eternal. This grief, this vacuum they’ve left behind, can feel like the only thing you’ve got to remember them by, the last vestige of a love you’re scared might vanish if not for the ache it leaves.

But here’s something you may not see right away. As the raw wound of grief begins to heal, a quiet transformation takes place. The turmoil of loss eases into a stillness that reveals a new understanding of Love. Your love doesn’t get boxed in by hellos or goodbyes, it doesn’t end with life or death. It’s something of its own, untouched by the chaos and change of life.

Grief might be a heavy coat you’re wearing now, but Love, Love is a force of its own. Love doesn’t get left behind in time or space or the physical world. It endures, a shining light that outlasts everything else. Embracing this can bring a breath of warmth to the cold of grief, a gentle nudge that even in your pain, the love you shared is still here, bright and unchanging, a testament to what once was and what still is.

love after loss

A Grace We Come To Know

Love is
the heartbeat,
the deepest trance,
the pulse in life’s expansive, ever-spinning dance.
out of control,
no set or predetermined stance,
within its boundless endless expanse,
we live,
we breathe
in Love’s romance.

We can’t harness a heart
seal feelings or stake a claim,
yet, in Love,
we can remain,
we can deeply feel
and embody Love,
ethereal and real,
and for Love’s touch
we can appeal…

Bathed in its essence,
we come alive,
through acts of Love
we truly thrive

We are Love, if we fall
losing control
in Love’s chaos
we become whole

To love,
to be a spark, a joy, a flame, a gentle glow…
To be loved,
a grace we come to know…

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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