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Why’s Ash Gourd Juice so cool? + 3 Ash Gourd Juice Recipes

All about Ash Gourd juice: why is Ash gourd juice so cool; Why’re all the [...]

CCF (coriander-cumin-fennel) Tea

CCF tea strengthens the digestive fire, and promotes a comfortable post-meal experience. This tea will [...]

Fresh Ginger Tea

Ginger tea to improve digestion. In half an hour after your meal, treat yourself to a [...]

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Spiced Cranberry Punch

I love this spiced cranberry punch! I make it for myself throughout the year. During [...]


Hot Apple Cider

This easy and comforting hot apple cider drink is a perfect beverage to enjoy in [...]

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

In today’s market, there is a wide variety of alcohol-free wine. You can use one [...]

Mulled Pear Cider

Hot mulled pear cider is a perfect hot drink for cold fall, winter, or spring [...]

Caffeine Free Coffee Substitutes | 7 best coffee alternatives that taste like coffee

Naturally caffeine-free coffee substitutes. Let’s take a look at the seven best coffee alternatives that [...]

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LEMON AND HONEY WATER BENEFITS » how I make my lemon honey water according to Ayurveda

Nowadays, lemon honey water has become a popular way to start your day. A warm [...]


Immune Boosting Everhealing Elixir

My favorite natural cold and flu remedy that works for me every time. Immune Boosting [...]

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Brazil Nut Energy Milk

Brazil nut milk is a nature’s energy drink that not just tastes great but offers [...]


Almond Milk » homemade almond milk recipe

Making almond milk is a quick, easy, and enjoyable process. Homemade Almond milk is utterly [...]


Ever Silky Cashew Milk » homemade cashew milk recipe

Tender and decadent cashew milk is high on my favorite energy drinks list. A touch [...]


Pure Heaven Coconut Milk » How to make raw sattvic coconut milk

“MMM, Pure heaven!!!” – That was the first thing that came out of my mouth [...]