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Classic Vinegret Salad with Beets and Sauerkraut

Vinegret is another delicious salad from my childhood. Classic Vinegret makes a beautiful side dish [...]


Easy Crunchy Homemade Sauerkraut

I have been making sauerkraut all my adult life. I love it, especially in the [...]

Vegan Olivye Salad – Epic Holiday Party Salad

The Olivye salad is a truly epic party salad. There were no holidays in my [...]

Dosa 101 – How to make fermented dosa

These are the three greatest things India offered to the world (in my humble opinion) [...]


Detox Khichari with Horse Gram

Detox khichari (khichadi or kitcheri) for weight loss with horse gram, buckwheat groats, and asparagus. [...]


Jerusalem artichoke with Bell Peppers and Asparagus

Jerusalem artichoke recipe. This recipe is perfect for lunch, light dinner, or a side dish. [...]


Baked sweet potatoes with apples and pecans

This baked sweet potato dish is juicy, fresh, and well-loved in my house. Usually, I [...]


Baked Purple sweet potato – Hasselback style

Purple Stokes sweet potato—Hasselback style. Stokes Purple sweet potatoes have a rich flavor and are [...]

Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes

Nothing fancy over here. Just a super easy healthy sweet potato recipe. Preparing or serving [...]


One-Pan Vegan Farro Meal – Sattvic Farro

One-pan vegan farro meal is deliciously satisfying and wholesomely nursing. What about you? Did you [...]

Sattvic Farro Risotto with Beets

Sattvic Farro risotto with beets. This healthy farro risotto nourishes my body and worms up [...]

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa Cabbage

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa cabbage. This easy and quick sattvic rutabaga recipe is the perfect [...]

One-Pot Sattvic Quinoa

One-pot Sattvic quinoa is so delicious, full of flavor, and makes a perfect side dish. [...]


One Pot Cauliflower Crumble

This Sattvic One-Pot Cauliflower Crumble recipe is frequently requested in my house and is a [...]

Ginger Bok Choy

This quick and easy Ginger Bok Choy recipe makes a lovely addition to the side [...]


Easy Comfort Chickpeas

Delicious doesn’t have to be complicated. This easy 3-ingredient chickpea recipe (one of which is [...]